Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Confluence SFF Convention 2018

Confluence SFF Convention!

We have a little book convention in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It's called Confluence SFF. I'm sure there are a few others, but I know of this one and have visited it in the past. It's three days, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. However, I only make the trip for one day. I have friends that are in the con and enjoy seeing them along with others I don't know. It's always great to find new books and authors while here.

This year, I took my companion... the camera. I was able to take photos of the authors on the panels I went to along with a few in the dealer room. So lets get to the photos!

Lets start with the Guest of Honor! CATHERYNNE VALENTE!

I've not had a chance to pick up or listen to her newest book, Space Opera. But I'll say, after listening to this reading and short chat about the book, I WANT IT!! And in audio too!

Catherynne read the book with Heath Miller. Heath is the narrator of the book in audio! How awesome is that!?! Catherynne is a pleasure to listen to along with speak with. She's so kind. Heath was amazing to hear flip through accents as if it was something he did every day. Yes! The scene Catherynne picked had different people from all over speaking (again, have to get the book) and Heath was at ease with his narration. I totally want this book in audio because of this! It was so much fun. The book sounds fun. Just FUN!

The first panel I went to it:
Blurring the Lines: Writing Across Genres with:
(Left to right)
Brian Koscienski, Hanna J.L. Grimble, Larry Ivkovich, A.M. Rycroft
These kind of panels are interesting to listen to. I love hearing authors thoughts on blending of genres. But the best part, we get an insight into their books, which usually are a blend too. Sweet!

Here are some close up photos of the authors:
Hanna J.L. Bribble

Brian Koscienski

A.M. Rycroft

Larry Ivkovich

The next panel I went to was:
Fiction Skills Seminar with Frederic S. Durbin.
Frederic had a few exercises to have us focus on writing action, description, dialogue, and point-of-view. Each was separate, although with an hour time restraint we didn't get to all four. He had small slips that we drew from a hat and wrote about in one of the fashions we were working in. Then, if we wanted, we read our writing and gave a brief talk on it. I was hoping for a little more from Frederic on things that help in these areas, but I enjoyed the panel and writing time.

My final panel:
Integrating Character, Plot & Worldbuilding with David D. Levine

This panel is hard to judge. David shared his way of writing and editing with these three major pieces of the story in mind. He pointed out how if you change one later in the story, you have to go back to the beginning and adjust to accommodate it through out the story. The thing, you have to know when enough is enough and stop.

David did share a handout of questions to relate these three items together. Which can come in very handy when plotting a new story, world, and characters.

Now, the playroom. Alright, it's not really a "playroom" but the dealer room where we get to find all our new books.

LOOK AT THESE SHOES!!!! They are monsters! LOL! I love them!

This is Brian burning some steam as he thinks on which book to suggest. Brian is an author and also runs Fortress Publishing.

He found one! A match!

Ian Randal Strock going over the books he has at his booth.

I was so excited to see.... Elastigirl!! Yes, there were people doing their cosplay. It's always great to see these at a con. You should have seen this woman's Wasp cosplay! Wow! I'm sorry I missed getting a photo of that!

Additional photos from throughout the panels and con:

Conventions are always fun with subject. The people you meet are priceless. The conversations you have are treasures. I had the pleasure of meeting new people as well, that's the golden prize.

Always a great time with great people. Thank you!


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