Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Audio Book Review: Dreadful Company

Dreadful Company

By:  Vivian Shaw

Publish Date:  July 31, 2018, Audiobook Release July 31, 2018

Format:  Audiobook - 11 hrs 23 mins
Narrated By:  Suzannah Hampton

Genre:  Urban Fantasy

Series:  2nd in Dr. Greta Helsing series; 1st Book ~ Strange Practice

Impression:  Dark supernatural tale with a relaxed doctor.

Contemporary fantasy in the world of Strange Practice, starring Dr. Greta Helsing, whose family has been keeping the supernatural community not-alive and well for generations.

When Greta Helsing, doctor to the undead, is unexpectedly called to Paris to present at a medical conference, she expects nothing more exciting than professional discourse on zombie reconstructive surgery and skin disease in bogeymen -- and hopefully at least one uneventful night at the Opera.

Unfortunately for Greta, Paris happens to be infested with a coven of vampires -- and not the civilized kind. If she hopes to survive, Greta must navigate the darkest corners of the City of Lights, the maze of ancient catacombs and mine-tunnels underneath the streets, where there is more to find than simply dead men's bones.

First Sentence:
There was a monster in Greta Helsing's hotel bathroom sink.

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My Thoughts and Summary:
*I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

I very much enjoy Suzannah's voice for Greta and the story. It's not as different voices for the characters as it is the feel Suzannah gives when she narrates. It gives the story a worry-free, relaxed feel that comes with Greta's personality. Yes, there are things that happen that are worrisome, but Greta has a personality that goes with the flow, and Suzannah brings that to the story. Her accent is perfect for Greta as well. Along with the accents she speaks for other characters.

Greta's life is a great one for many adventures to be seen. She's a supernatural doctor in a hidden world. There are things that could easily happen along with the long lives of those she holds dear that could create new adventures for Greta and great back story. And that happens here. She is at a conference, sitting in for an ailing friend, with Ruthven accompanying her. Ruthven is recognized by another vampire and Greta is pulled into the Paris coven of vampires.

Greta knows a great deal about the supernaturals in this world she lives in. I love how the author explains different monsters and beings without feeling like she is telling me to explain. It's well done and keeps me interested.

Greta seems to be where she's needed, even if it's a bit unpleasant and not willingly. She may be upset with actions of some, but she's there to help when she's needed. There are a few in this group of vampires that keep her imprisoned that need Greta's help, both as a doctor and as the kind, caring person she is, that could change their lives. Greta makes friends even without trying.

Of course we get Greta's POV. We get to spend time with Ruthven and Varney, as friends and in their heads too. But we also follow a few new characters in this book. Two of these characters are rather interesting and would be great to see them more in the future! Brightside & Crepusculus. Their business is remedial psychopomps. They would be great to follow on their adventures and see things they tend to along with how things work between heaven and hell as they help ghosts move on.

Once again I'm swept into Greta and her friends lives looking forward to who I'll meet and what they'll do.

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