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Audio Book Review: War and Wind

War and Wind

By:  Alex Lidell

Publish Date:  May 18, 2017, Audiobook Release April 27, 2018

Format:  Audiobook - 9 hrs 5 mins
Narrated By:  Kaitlin Bellamy

Genre:  Fantasy

Series:  2 in Tides series; 1st Book ~ Air and Ash

Impression:  Secrets are catching up with Nile and the war.

A cowardly captain. An incompetent crew. A mission she can't fail.

Nile and her small band of loyal midshipmen saved the ship, and Captain Rima might just kill them for it . . . one young officer at a time. No one and nothing on the Aurora is safe anymore, least of all Nile’s explosive secrets or her connection with Domenic, which vibrates between them like a cutlass speared into the deck.

When the shifting tide of war suddenly turns Aurora’s backwater outpost into a vital battleground, Nile faces an impossible choice between duty and freedom. In a cascade of violence, gunpowder, and lies, Nile will soon discover who has her back and who wants to stab a dagger in it. To save the ones she loves, Nile may have to sacrifice everything.

First Sentence:
Captain Ral Quinn of the Tirik Ship Hope, The People's Republic of Tirik Navy, knew his good fortune would run out at some point.

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My Thoughts and Summary:
*I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

The book starts a few short hours after Air and Ash ends. It's a continuation in the time line. We do get drops of what has recently happened on the ship and who is where and what they've done, but it's brief and quick to get back into the flow of the story. This is book two of the series, and you really should start with book one.

I'm thrilled Kaitlin returned to the series as the voice of our characters. She has become Nile, in voice, for me. Kaitlin continues with the personalities and voices of all the characters we got to know in the first book. The story is brought to life by Kaitlin with emotions and pacing that fits each action or event of the story. Once again, the story flows smoothly and voiced with feeling.

The beginning is bringing us back into the world, raising our awareness of all that is happening around Nile. It grows the worry that she'll be found out, or punished or worse, and spark the flame between Nile and Dominic.

There are many worries we feel for Nile as she went on this venture. We know them and still worry as things start to surface and seen by others. There are new worries that slowly grow here, and potential worries that could go either bad or good for Nile.

We have a new POV that's added into the story through out. Captain Ral Quinn. The story starts with his POV and picks up with him off and on through the book. I like this addition as he sheds some light on a few things, and opens up some possibilities for the gifted along with worry for Nile. A worry Nile doesn't even know about, but also something that could help her in more ways than one.

There is a war between nations in this book. Something we are not front and center at seeing. But it's important as it motivates the movements of all in the world. And, eventually, it becomes something Nile is drawn into and becomes more active in.

We more new characters here. Ones that I quickly came to love. Would I have loved them as much had we met them before all the events in the first book... I don't know. But I love them now. They will become important in Nile's life and how she'll live her life.

We have our characters we know... Dominic, Captain Rima, and many others. I still love Dominic and those that Nile has come close to on the ship. I still hate Captain Rima. lol. That is all credit to the author. She has written a bad person in a wonderful way to have me hate him so. And, there is a character that my thoughts shift some on. You'll know who it is as you get back into the world.

I'm sorry if I sound vague in my descriptions, but this book follows close to book one and I don't want to give any spoilers or details to the story. If you enjoyed book one, keep on sailing through as you'll enjoy this one as well.

I will be watching for the third book in audio too!

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  1. yay I'm glad you liked book 2 and the new characters. It is always nerve-wrecking.


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