Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Audio Book: As Dead as a Vampire

As Dead as a Vampire

By:  April Fernsby

Publish Date:  July 5, 2017, Audiobook Release June 19, 2018

Format:  Audiobook - 6 hrs
Narrated By:  Beverley Murray

Genre:  Urban Fantasy

Series:  2 in A Brimstone Witch Mystery series

Impression:  Cozy witch mystery as the witch grows internally too.

A Cozy Mystery With Witches

Cassia Winter is a witch. She investigates crime in the supernatural town of Brimstone.

There’s an increase in the illegal use of black magic in Brimstone resulting in the crime rate escalating. Taking her gran’s advice, Cassia takes up residence in town so she can observe anyone who’s acting out of character.

It’s not long before Cassia comes across the murdered body of a vampire. Cassia discovers he was a particularly nasty vampire who had countless enemies – and there are many residents who are happy to see him dead. But which one of his enemies actually killed him?

First Sentence:
"Why have you packed my suitcase?

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My Thoughts and Summary:
*I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

Gran loves having Cassia home, but wants Cassia to stay in Brimstone for a few days to get to know the people in town. There is black magic in Grimstone making the residence do bad things they normally wouldn't do. By staying in town, Cassia will get to know the town folk and how what they are doing is abnormal. Then, with Cassia learning her powers as a witch, they can start to take on cases separately to solve and take care of events quicker. But, Cassia has a terrible feeling in her stomach at the thought of staying in Grimstone. Something very terrible will happen, and soon...

I was attracted to Beverley's accent straight away. She has a slight British accent that feels soft and natural for the character as she speaks. Cassia feels relaxed with her family, and learning about herself with being a witch. Beverley really brings Cassia's personality out in voice. I loved the feeling I got, and how it fit the story and characters. Beverley was clear and clean with her pronunciations and character feelings as she narrated. Lovely job.

This is a relaxing, cozy mystery story. It's clean of language and intimate moments. I enjoy a good, clean mystery book. It's nice with being in audio because I don't have to worry about language, sexiness, or anything being too much for co-workers if they walk into my office.

I know Grimstone is different, but I get the cozy feeling from it like I did from Halloween town in the Disney Halloween movies. I love this feeling. Of course, Grimstone isn't as safe as it once was and that's something to look into, but it feels homey. And it's full of supernatural creatures!

This story holds a few objectives/mysteries for us. The main objective of Cassia going to Brimstone is to get to know the residents better, observe them. This is so she can know when they are doing something out of character that's law breaking. So there will be more cases to solve in the future with breaking the law. But Cassia and Gran know there is something evil making the people do these things. This is the over all mystery that feels it will flow through the series. The case in this book, that Cassia comes across is a murder of an old vampire.

Cassia seems like a timid person. She's a little anxious about being in Grimstone, and we learn why. Cassia is also seems unsure about herself as her life has recently had a drastic change, which is book one. But as the story goes, she grows bolder and stronger in believing in herself. Even Stanley too. Stanley is Cassia's familiar and cat. He's adorable and fits her perfectly. Stanley and Cassia seem like two peas in a pod, so similar in personality, and both grow in this story as they meet people and become more confident in their selves.

This is book two in the series. Yep, I read it out of order. But, I didn't feel it deterred from the book at all. We understand the situation of Cassia, learning about her new discoveries from the first book. This is a case all of its own, so it doesn't affect the story-line. You are good to read this one before book one, and still enjoy the book.

I would like to go back and pick up book one now. And continue with the series as it goes. Also, I hope Beverley sticks with the story as she really felt to fit Cassia so wonderfully.

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Carole Rae said...

A halloween one already ;)

Melliane said...

Oh I always love a book like that and I didn't know about it

Unknown said...

Clean is all I can read nowadays. This might be an unpopular opinion but it focuses the story on the plot and its development and not get derailed by what happens between the sheets.

And inasmuch as I love a good series, I also like the pressure of NOT having to read things in order or completing all the books.

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

You read out of order? I NEVER do that... *cough* ;) This sounds good and I am in the mood for a cozy... hm...

LilyElement said...

I've only done 1 or 2 with accents, gotta try!!!

Greg said...

This looks fun! I love the idea of a witch investigating supernatural crime- and a town full of creatures too! Plus the fact that it's a cozy and not all edgy and out there. I actually would like to read more paranormal cozies for a change of pace- I'll have to jot this series down and keep it in mind.

sjhigbee said...

What a very cool premise and I'm glad the narrator is so good. Thank you for sharing:)