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Audio Book Review: Agent Prime

Agent Prime

By:  Jake Bible

Publish Date:  February 20, 2018, Audiobook Release April 24, 2018

Format:  Audiobook - 7 hrs 37 mins
Narrated By:  Andrew B. Wehrlen

Genre:  Science Fiction

Series:  Stand-alone

Impression:  Delivery mission via undercover.

Denman Sno is Agent Prime!

The best of the Fleet Intelligence Service's elite Special Service Division, Denman Sno will need to use all of his skills and resources to stop the galaxy from plunging into another War with the alien menace known as the Skrang Alliance.

Sno's assignment: protect and deliver Pol Hammon, the galaxy's greatest dark tech hacker, to Galactic Fleet headquarters.

Hammon is in possession of new technology that can and will change the landscape of galactic life. The Galactic Fleet will do anything to keep that technology out of the hands of the Skrang Alliance even it it means sacrificing their best agent.

Even if it means sacrificing Agent Prime!

Murder. Espionage. Romance. Treachery. Greed.

Agent Prime is prepared for it all!

First Sentence:
"Rylia Five?"

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My Thoughts and Summary:
*I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

Andrew seems to be sure to pronounce everything properly. There are moments where speech slows to get all enunciated properly. Though, usually when a character is talking, the flow of the words is constant. I give him credit, there are a lot of words and names that could easily be pronounced wrong. I don't think I could do as well as he did. Andrew did give a physical feel to each character as he spoke for them.

The beginning is full of hints to the world and Denman Sno and his job. But it feels heavy with creation. There is a lot with being science fiction/space setting. There are many different beings and planets along with technology to pick up on. Jake dives right into the meat of it. There is a lot to create as this is a stand alone, so far.

The beginning feels agency/military strategically strong as Sno details out what he sees and does. I wonder if Andrew's voice compliments this feeling as it's how Sno sees things in his mind. He is an Agent after all, he gets paid to see things in this perspective.

One thing I'm learning about Jake Bible. He can write many different styles. Wow. But, I'm learning that with Jake, I'm invested or just along for the ride. For me in Agent Prime, I was along for the ride. I struggled with some of the connections as it seemed to appear as he went. The details were minor and hidden in text that you can connect them to what we know, but it felt like it could have been stronger for me.

I did love the ship that was used to travel, and was to be incognito for Sno and Pol. It was a luxury liner that's known for the passengers to find love. This was a fun twist to the story. Though, this is where majority of the story takes place. It might be a love ship, but Sno has to deal with being attacked in a whole different fashion.

I did come to like that the plot is thicker than expected the further into the book we went. There is more to Pol and others. There is a reason for what all transpires on the luxury ship. I liked the overall idea of the story with Pol.

I think some will enjoy this story while others will thinks it's good. It's hard to pick who would be who though. Take a look at the book and see if it's something you might like.

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  1. Thank you for a thorough, enjoyable review, Melissa. This one has gone onto my wishlist:)


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