Monday, February 26, 2018

Meet Livi Talbot Trailer!

I'm so excited to share this trailer!

I've been loving this series and I hope you all give it a try. Livi is just an awesome character that I want to read. She's a single mom who's got an amazing friend that helps her. Livi also enjoys adventure. She's like Lara Croft in a world where the Pulse has animated some magical items of old. There is also this amazing love interest, Mr. Dale West. *sigh* He's also a... well, you have to read the series!

Anyway, here's a trailer to show a little about Livi Talbot.

Meet Livi Talbot from Skyla on Vimeo.

Curious about the books? Why don't you go pick them up! First two are out now, the third will be coming this year!

You can buy direct from Skyla, which also there are three novella's out you can get from her.

You can also find them at Barnes & NoblesKoboSmashwords, iBooks, and GooglePlay.

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