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Audio Book Review: What Remains of Heroes

What Remains of Heroes

By:  David Benem

Publish Date:  April 17, 2015, Audiobook November 20, 2015

Format:  Audiobook - 13 hrs 44 mins
Narrated By:  Andrew Tell

Genre:  Fantasy

Series:  1st in A Requiem for Heroes series

Impression:  Fantasy with many lives in the balance of fighting the evil that's finally gained their allies in the right places.

Lannick deVeers used to be somebody. A hero, even. Then, he ran afoul of the kingdom’s most powerful general and the cost he paid was nearly too much to bear. In the years that followed, his grief turned him into a shadow of his former self, and he spent his days drowning his regrets in tankards of ale.

But now an unexpected encounter casts Lannick upon an unlikely path to revenge. If he can just find the strength to overcome the many mistakes of his past, he can seize the chance to become a hero once more.

And with an ancient enemy lurking at the kingdom’s doorstep, he’d better…

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First Sentence:
The rafters rattled and the floorboards hummed at The Wanton Vicar.

My Thoughts and Summary:
*This audiobook was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of AudiobookBlast dot com, at my request.

The kingdom is on the brink of war with the Arranese, affecting the plans of everyone, even hired swords. The Lector of the order that protects the High King has been murdered. Everyone scurries to find what happened to his last confession. The confession that passes on the powers of Lector and more. The High King's line is at danger of ending with him, which will leave the Gods Well unprotected. The evils that have lurked in the shadows fighting small battles are now ready to come to the surface and free the power of their god. There are many lives that could stop them. But they have to get through their obstacles in life and the war marching their way before they can accomplish the deeds of saving all.

This is my second book with Andrew as the narrator and he has done an amazing job with this book. I'm impressed! He starts this story with a strong feel, like the world is strong and harsh and we need to feel that along with the words. Instantly we get different voice tones and personalities as the story opens in a tavern, and troubles brew. Andrew even *spits* as he acts out the action of a character. I really enjoyed Andrew's acting and voice variation to each character.

We get a view of different sides of life that are affected by the death of the Lector. The hired assassins that did the job, and now the one who slit his throat is living with the power of what the Lector held. The Sanctum is in a rush to find what happened to their Lector and who heard his confession. The High King is in danger of not producing an heir, and the Sanctum, who is to protect him, can't get to see him now. It's all connected and I got that feel early on but was thrilled to see all the pieces floating around and coming so close together. There is an evil that's waited through the ages and now sees their chance to come for what they want. They have contacts in the right places with want of power that will drive them to do as they want for the power.

We have many great things found in fantasy in one place. Assassins, successful assassins. A journey adventure with dangers in the path. Gods of powers. Greedy men who think nothing other than having power and control. A bloodline in danger of becoming extinct, and the dangers that come from that. All are weaved together in events happening. All are surfacing and influenced to do as the evil long hidden in shadows wants done.

There are many characters here and I felt I got a lot of feel and story for each one. Lannick has me curious early on. It seems he's someone, or was someone, special for things in the past. But there is also great sorrow there too. General Fane reminds me a touch of Glokta from The First Law series. He's one we love to hate. Acolyte Bale is a member of the Sanctum and gives us a view with more descriptions regarding the magic of things and the history of the Sentinels and the High Kings. Karnag gives us the assassin view and something new as well. Fencress is also an assassin, but a true friend willing to help another. These views are all different sides and gives us the full view of the troubles and evils of the world as it starts to crumble around them.

This was a story I really enjoyed. The world is dangerous and each character is doing their best under the terrible circumstances to survive and take care of things on their list. Blood, gods, magic, and turmoil. The writing style is easy to follow and know who is who and where they are. You got me! I look forward to continuing this series!


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