Monday, March 9, 2015

To Wordpress or Not?

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I've been a blogger for... Wow! going on 6 years now. (Where does the time go?) I've been on Blogger as it was free and easy to access. However I do go through phases where I think about moving to Wordpress.

And right now, I'm seriously considering it.

Why make the jump? Well, I've had minor issues with Blogger over the years but recently I'm having troubles with my comments. I've tried to change it and the html won't save. I'm also finding I want more out of the blog that Blogger doesn't do.

From what I hear of everyone that make the jump to Wordpress, they are NOT sorry in the least. There's some new things that they have to get use to, but love it.

I have questions though. I know it'll be work to get it set up, but I want to get my ducks in a row and ready to make the leap. And I have to decide if it's worth the money as a hobby.

~ .org or .com? I've heard to use rather than I know the one is free and the one I was told to use you have to pay for a host. But I've heard .org has more to offer. (I'm thinking .org)

~ Hosting? Okay, if I go with .org, I'll need this. But I'm broke and cheap. lol. Who do you use? Are they reasonably priced and wonderful customer service? (I've heard of a few from my comments on Sunday Post.)

~ What about old posts? Okay, this is the big question. Can I transfer all my old posts on Blogger over with ease? Will it take all pictures and links along with fonts?

~~ What Tripped You Up? If you've made the leap to Wordpress, I'm curious what stones you might have stumbled over on the move. I would like to hear about any of those so I'm ready for them too.

I'm sure there are things I forgot to ask as I've only started really digging into the idea. If you know of anything please let me know. When I sit down to make this change, I want to do it and move on. But I want to be prepared for what might make me trip up and get lost.

Please feel free to share as much as you'd like, and links if you have or know of pages that will help me along the way. This post is going to be a reference site for me if/when the day comes.

Thank you for all your help!! And I might post with more questions later. ;)

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