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Book Review: The Diamond Conspiracy

The Diamond Conspiracy

By:  Tee Morris & Philippa Ballantine

Publish Date:  March 31, 2015

Format:  ebook

Genre:  Steampunk

Series:  4th in Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences series; 1st Book ~ Phoenix Rising, 2nd Book ~ The Janus Affair, 3rd Book ~ Dawn's Early Light
Tie in with: Tales from the Archives.

First Glance Feel:  Holy.... Steampunk with the history we know mixed in. Oh wow! I love the connections, the steampunk, the action, the love! Can I go on and on?

For years, the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences has enjoyed the favor of Her Majesty the Queen. But even the oldest loyalties can turn in a moment…

Having narrowly escaped the electrifying machinations of Thomas Edison, Books and Braun are looking forward to a relaxing and possibly romantic voyage home. But when Braun’s emergency signal goes off, all thoughts of recreation vanish. Braun’s street-wise team of child informants, the Ministry Seven, is in grave peril, and Books and Braun must return to England immediately.

But when the intrepid agents finally arrive in London, the situation is even more dire than they imagined. The Ministry has been disavowed, and the Department of Imperial Inconveniences has been called in to decommission its agents in a most deadly fashion. The plan reeks of the Maestro’s dastardly scheming. Only, this time, he has a dangerous new ally—a duplicitous doctor whose pernicious poisons have infected the highest levels of society, reaching even the Queen herself...

First Sentence:
"Welly, would you please listen to me for just a moment?".

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My Thoughts and Summary:
Eliza and Wellington return from the states in a rush. The Ministry Seven is in deadly danger and have called Eliza home. What the Ministry Seven have found, and trouble they dipped into, brings the dangers of the Queen and others into light. But when talking to the children, Wellington and Eliza realize the Department, another agency they know of under the Queen, is cleaning up...the Ministry. The Ministry is in grave danger and scattered about. Eliza and Wellington will learn great secrets that they will use to help restore society to it's rightful standing. But the Maestro and another new evil work to stop them at every turn. However, maybe a new ally will help give them an inside scoop on what they are up against...

Good grief, Charlie Brown! Talk about a kick start beginning. WOW! So much happening and I'm rushing to keep up.

My smile grew with each word of Eliza and Wellington's banter and brilliance in it. Goodness do I enjoy these characters, and even as a couple they are just as much fun. The humor and banter is not lost with a relationship started, as this is part of the foundation in their relationship as well. They both are taken with each other, but it seems Wellington is the one swooning a bit more. It's great to see Eliza is the strong woman we all know her to be. She is a field agent first and foremost with the Agency she knows and loves crumbling around her and danger on the heals of her loved ones. At the same time - when the time is there - she loves, hard. Wellington is new to field work and Eliza's knowledge of field work and the secrets not stored in Wellington's archives are important to their survival. Both their strengths play a huge importance in the book, and this is why this couple will survive as a duo of outstanding agents and a couple.

It was amazing to see the Ministry Seven in this book. They play an important part and have moved up in their standings from street children to much more. I'm hoping this is the list of new agents in the future, as they deserve it! We also get to see what happens to a few of the Ministry Agents through their eyes as the even is happening. Good and bad.

Pip and Tee take me through an array of emotions as I read this book. I'm relaxed with Wellington and Eliza, enjoying their banter and good humor. Then I picked up with the Ministry Seven. Oh the tension in me grew with theirs. And the worries and fears of what could happen with... Then the secrets I learn, and they don't stop! Oh it's a circle of emotions repeatedly.

By George! I do think this is my favorite book of the series. I don't know how Tee & Pip are going to top this one. This book is only 368 pages, but when I was done I felt like I read a door stopper 1,000 pages (enjoying every minute of it as it flew by). There was so much information packed into these minimal pages. It's hard to believe all that is here!


The secrets we learn! Are you curious about the Restricted Section of the Archives? You'll learn it. Curious about Director Basil Sound? Yes, your speculation was raised with those subtle moments by him. You learn about it!! Want a bit more on Wellington's past? We get to dip a bit further into that as well. Enjoy the assassin Sophia del Morte? You'll see her here in closer proximity, and if an assassin can have limits.

The immense amount of information and TWISTS will have your eyes bulging and jaw dropping throughout the book! There are also a few big names from history mentioned in this book. Oh to see them here!

Now, to wait with baited breath for the next Ministry book to arrive. As I know Tee and Pip can top what they've done, and I NEED to see it!


  1. I'm not a huge fan of steampunk, but I love the sound of this series!

    1. Alexia, this has steampunk in it and is the tools they use. But the characters are what make it awesome. Hope you get to give the first book a try, or maybe the first chapter on Amazon? :) Thank you!

  2. It's great it's still that good! I love a good steampunk book and I keep hearing amazing things about this one! I really need to try!!!

    1. Melliane, Oh I hope you get to give this series a try. I really love it, and this one is my favorite thus far. :) I can't wait for more. :)

  3. I was bummed that I didn't find it for review, but I got it anyway! LOVE this series!

    1. Oh Melissa (B&T) Bummer you didn't find it for review. But you'll have to dig in to it! You'll soooo enjoy this one! :D

  4. oh i love good humor this sounds like a series i need to pick up

    1. Lily B. Oh I do hope you get to give this series a try. It's so much fun with these two characters. :) Thank you for visiting.

  5. Fantastic review, Melissa! I still haven't read book two, but I'll get to read the whole lot one day!:-)

    1. Thank you Kara! Oh do hope you enjoy the books when you get back to the series. :)


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