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Audio Book Review: The Secret World Chronicles: The Hunt

The Secret World Chronicles: The Hunt (World Divided)
(season 2)
By:  Mercedes Lackey & Steve Libbey

Narrated By:  Veronica Giguere

Publish Date:  2010

Format:  Podiobook

Genre:  Fantasy

Series:  2nd season in The Secret World Chronicles series; 1st Season ~ Invasion

***NOTE: I've learned that the podcasted books are divisions of the printed books as follows:
Printed book 1 is Invasion is podcasted seasons 1 & 2.
Printed book 2, World Divided, is podcasted seasons 3 & 4.
Season 5 podcast, Waiting On, is a bonus season - it's stories of characters between books 2 and 3.
Printed book 3, Revolutions, is podcasted seasons 6 & 7.
Printed book 4, Collision, is podcasted books 8 & 9 (season 8 in progress, season 9 yet to come).

(Podcast season titles:
Season 1: Invasion, Season 2: The Hunt, Season 3: World Well Lost, Season 4: World Divided, Season 5: Waiting On, Tales of the Secret World War, Season 6: Revolutions, Season 7: Run Silent, Run Deep, Season 8: Collision)

Recommendation:  Superheroes!

The Hunt portrays the frenzied aftermath of the devastating Thule Society attacks. Famed fantasy and sci-fi author Mercedes Lackey and newcomer Steve Libbey have joined forces to create a superhero-themed braided novel podcast series called The Secret World Chronicle. The series depicts an ensemble cast of metahuman characters coping with worldwide attacks by a mysterious, technologically advanced Nazi secret society, and the ensuing chaos. The Secret World is a meeting ground for pulpy adventure and thoughtful science fiction speculation, where ordinary people are elevated above their fellow humans and must grapple with the consequences of their newfound abilities.

(Synopsis from Amazon):
After an Earth-scarring apocalyptic battle, the meta-humans have turned back a massive invasion of super-science powered Nazi war machines. Now meta-hero organization Echo and sometime Russian ally CCCP must battle back. Task one: to hunt down the secret puppetmasters behind the Nazi robot invasion, the Thule Society. It's ''go time'' once again for the meta-heroes, including fire-bender John Murdock, hacker-witch Vikki Nagy, healer Belladona Blue, super-quick Mercurye—and most of all for their ghostly ally, Seraphym, the spirit of the world who uses her secret influence to direct the fight against a Thulian-based tyranny of evil and slavery that is fast descending upon the entire universe!

First Sentence:
Victoria Victrix paused for a moment, checked her watch, double-checked her watch against the time on her laptop.

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My Thoughts and Summary:
We see the aftermath of the world from the Nazi-strange-Metas attack. Now the remaining Meta's have to clean up, keep things safe from loiters and any threats, and solve the mystery of the Strange-Nazi-Meta's. There were so many losses in the super world. The Meta's are on limited numbers now. Russians have come to America after a false letter, but can they world together after thrown together?

Aaah, this book felt better to me. Not that the first was bad, but this one felt as it slowed down and more balanced. The characters meet and clash or work out troubles that ail them. It feels as the story is not as rushed to the happenings, that they took a step back and calmly put together the characters and story lines. Setting roots and settling everyone in, explaining who they are to us. Yes, this is a braided story and there are many here. But they all feed off each other as well. There is a common ground here with the characters even though they are in different areas. They all relate to each other, what is happening is world wide.

We have new authors co-writing with Mercedes. Nice to see new ideas, Meta's, and twists brought to the land.

We are introduced to new troubles - Black Snake. We learn about them and how they try to "help" with the chaos aftermath of the Nazi attack in book one. Or, is there more behind their motives? They are recruiting for their numbers. But, ECHO is looking to recruit Meta's for help as well. With the losses, and short handed, they need all the help they can get no matter what level Meta you are. We also see a new man in a distant land that could easily be more trouble than anyone knows. And the Nazi's aren't gone!

I felt I got a better look at the Meta's here, whether they lived or died. I got to know them a bit better than the rush of meet and fight of the first book. This book takes the actions and includes some history and personality with the characters. Where my favorite character was Handsome Devil in the first book, as he was the one that seemed to have more personality, I enjoyed all the characters in this one. The characters are starting to pop with their personalities and quirks. Enough so you feel you know the characters, yet not over done. Makes me curious and want to know more.

We even see a new character set in 1930's. It was cool to get the feel of the old superhero creations. Felt like the old superhero comics and movies. Pulp Fiction.

We saw potential of it happening with the mentions of magic in the first book, and we see it now. Magic collides with the Meta humans! Ooo yes. This is something I love. Vicky brings a touch of magic to the world. She is the link to magic as magic is considered unstable and not looked upon very highly. We get a touch of Voodoo and Shamans this time around.

I listened to this book and I must mention the narrator. Veronica is the soul voice reading the story now. She does an amazing job of different persona's, accents, tones, voices all on her own. Veronica, the woman of many different voices. Outstanding job! Especially in a story that could easily become confusing with so many characters. Thank you Veronica!

I've got a feel there is information that's being kept secret though. There is more than meets the eye (or ear) here. In the end, I'm curious of the connections between the aliens, Nazi's, and Red Savior Senior. Even the secrets ECHO leader Testla and others are holding.

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