Friday, January 9, 2015

Cover Reveal; Dead Living, Interlude, & Road to Hell

When I become a fan of an author, that author and their works (new and old) keep showing up here. I have three, yes THREE, covers to share with you today. Krista D. Ball has shared two new works to come with us. Two different series but both are on my reading lists to enjoy.

The first cover I want to share with you is from her Paranormal series. Recently book 4 has become available for purchase and now we have the cover for book 5!

Dead Living
Spirit Caller series #5
By:  Krista D. Ball
Due Out:  Autumn 2015 (not cemented yet)

Beautiful! I love all the covers in this series. I like the divided images as there is so much they tell, yet they blend together so perfectly. Yes, can't wait!

The next cover is her Fantasy world, with Bethany. We get a bit of Bethany and characters we love here, to hold us over a bit until the next book releases. If you are signed up for Krista's emails, you know the details of this one. I'm going to share the details she gave in her email as well.

Interlude: Stories from Tranquility
Tranquility series
By:  Krista D. Ball
Due Out:  February 28, 2015
Love Note is a fun story about the early days of Arrago and Bethany's office-sharing experiences.

Knight's Day Off is Bethany's sad attempt at taking a vacation.

First Day on the Job is set about one week before the events of Fury and introduces Myra, a young apprentice from Ellentop who thinks she's been assigned a simple task - get Bethany and the gang to attend a dinner - but soon discovers there is a lot more going on than just a party.

The collection will be 20,000 words long, or about 75 pages or so.

I enjoy this world and the characters so I can't wait for more Bethany! lol

The third book is a re-release of hers. However! There will be new material added to the book. According to Krista's post on Facebook, about 100-ish pages of new material!

Road to Hell
By:  Krista D. Ball
Due Out:  (no release date at this time)

I've not read this book yet. But, oh, from what I've heard of it and know of Krista, I think I'm going to need it. lol. Loving this cover! I love the colors and that it shares a bit of everything and makes me curious.


  1. Nice covers. I have to say that my favorites are the first and the third. All look interesting.

    1. lol. Yes, I agree with you Melissa (B&T). I can't wait to read them. :)


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