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Book Review: Mystery Night

Mystery Night

By:  Krista D. Ball

Publish Date:  December 10, 2014

Format:  ebook

Genre:  Paranormal

Series:  4th in Spirit Caller series; 1st Book ~ Spirit Caller, 2nd Book ~ Dark Whispers, 3rd Book Knight Shift

Recommendation:  Oh yes! Life changing choices are made here, and a deep history learned.

Rachel finds herself investigating a ghost's murder and his accusations cause her to dig into the pasts of the dead and the living to uncover the truth. Only, all roads lead back to the same horrible place: her elderly neighbour's doorstep.

First Sentence:
I was on a treadmill and there wasn't a gun in my face.

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My Thoughts and Summary:
Amanda LeBlanc is engaged and wants to have a murder mystery party. Mrs. Saunders is leaving on a trip and agrees to let them do the party in her home. Before she leaves, Rachel is going through old pictures with Mrs. Saunders. Mrs. Saunders is fuming mad at a man in a picture with her sister-in-law. A man that Rachel has seen walking the beach, as a ghost. No one want's to speak to Rachel about that man, or what happened to him.

Rachel seems content in her domesticated life with her friends around. Everything seems to have found a place and routine for her, even though she feels she still needs to fix everyone and thing after the last showdown.

Oh Mrs. Saunders. We get a glimpse into her past. She was more feisty then. Haha! I know, hard to believe. I love that old woman. Oooooh! Then there's Dema! The ancient spirit of a founder who watches over Mrs. Sanders will not speak of the man as well. She has a hatred for him as well. What we learn of Dema! Wow. Her story is shared here. Great character here. She's strong and has a purpose in life, or in death.

Through walking the path of others, Rachel realizes an importance in what she can do. She makes a decision on her abilities - to embrace them or try to live a normal life. We watch as Jeremy slowly heals, and makes a life decision of his own.

Rachel had like two mysteries going and I liked the twining of the two stories. Brings her to next step. Really work together. And I wanted to know answers to both. It was a cozy read...with a dash of murder! lol. So fun! And LARP-ing too!

Rachel's curiosity is peeked and she needs to know the secret Mrs. Sanders and Dema share about this wondering spirit of a man both despise. After one meeting and quick talk with Raymond, Rachel must know as she didn't like the feel from him. Then we have the mystery of the fun game to figure out too.


  1. I totally want to go to a murder mystery night

  2. Enjoyed your review! Don't think this one is for me, but the ghost that everyone seems to hate does sound interesting!

    1. Alexia, thank you. And it's all good. We know all too well that not all books are for everyone.

  3. Ooh...sounds creepy with the next door neighbor touch there. Thanks for sharing!

  4. It's nice that you get to know more about Mrs. Saunders! THis book sounds nice, it's the first time I hear about it. thanks for the review!

    1. Thank you Melliane. I really do enjoy this series and have so much fun with it. :)

  5. I loved learning more about Mrs. Saunders, and Dema too. I also loved seeing Rachel calmer and settled. Think it will last?

    1. Bea, Oh yes! I loved learning about those two amazing ladies. I do think we are going to get deeper into her ability. But what's to come now? I'm not sure! lol.

  6. I want to read it for Mrs. Saunders. I love a good character! LOL

    1. Oh Melissa (B&T) you really do need to meet Mrs. Saunders. She is a wonderful old woman. lol.


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