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Book Review: Christmas Nookies

Christmas Nookies

Edited By:  Tricia Skinner

Publish Date:  November 27, 2014

Format:  ebook

Genre:  Holiday Romance, erotic

Series:  2nd in anthology series

Recommendation:  Missing the Christmas spirit? And a little heat to keep you warm this winter? Pick this up.

Why settle for just one when you can have multiple? Our second annual Hot Holiday Reads anthology serves up another batch of tasty bits sure to warm your heart…and other places. Featuring all new quickies by your favorite Fuse Literary authors and more, this is one sleigh ride that will make you hold on tight. Are you dreaming of a wet Christmas?

Contributors include: Blake C. Aarens, Paul Goat Allen, E.B. Ashcroft, Philippa Ballantine, Peggy Barnett, Bethany Hyde, Nicola Jane, Mairi Kilaine, Maureen Lee, Melissa Lenhardt, Anh Leod, Elizabeth Shandy, and Wendy Vogel.

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My Thoughts and Summary:
Missing the holiday season? Want to feel some holiday love? This is a smexy anthology of people looking to connect with others in a treasured way at a special time of the year.

Smexy moments in these peoples lives. A few are on a softer level of the romance, others on the harder side. All are well written. I enjoyed more than not. Only a few didn't appeal to me, which is a lovely bonus in an anthology. If you are looking for it, a few of these stories contain, as the cover implies, intermixed relationships. All are set in a Christmas setting that are rather believable for us. There are a few that are a bit fantasy setting but the world is drawn for it.

I enjoyed how these are sentimental special moments in these people's lives.

Miss B's Christmas Mix
By: Mairi Kilaine
It's Christmas Eve and Miss B. is happy to work, enjoying the performance with her jazz band kids. And also the sight of Mr. Tom Hartley, the jazz chorus director, as a bonus. When Miss B's fourth trumpet, and singer of her highlighted song, doesn't show, Miss B has to sing...

This feels like a real life event with the band and real people. Nice relation for us to the characters in beginning. A sweet story and lovely way to start the book. I really enjoyed the connection between the characters here.

Oh! What Fun it is to Ride
By: Elizabeth Shandy
Jess is at her work party, to say goodbye - or so she claims - but really to see her mentor and boss. Her friend talked her into dressing as if a night out on the town. But will he (soon to be ex-boss) notice?

They both have an attraction for each other, but have rules. When employed at the same company, they kept it professional. Now that her last day's over...

This was cute, and seems to be a bit of a surprise ending for Jess. lol. I like that the characters had barriers, and when that wall was taken away they could cross the line. Nice. This is the moment they can act on their feelings. A treasured moment.

A Christmas Mechanical
By: Philippa Ballantine
Lila is the lonely gate keeper who doesn't get the respect she deserves for checking all the citizen's doors at night. She is the only one able to be out in the poisonous fog that rolls in at night, and they fear her as they do the night prowling shifters. On her inspection tonight, she hears something and finds a lock open.

The town people don't give Lila the gratitude she deserves. She keeps them safe at night! This has an urban fantasy feel mixed with clockworks and mechanics. I do enjoy this combination. In this short, I got a feel for a whole world that would be interesting to explore further.

Lila does find herself a special Christmas surprise in the night though.

Old Fashioned with a Twist
By: Paul Goat Allen
He walks into the tavern and sees her. Instantly he knows she's the one.

This story is told from the man's POV, unlike the previous three. "He" reads like an Alpha male. In this short story we get several potential romantic moments to hang onto. When I started, I wasn't sure if I'd like this man. At the end... I loved him. I enjoyed the end with a twist. Lovely.

Away in a Maison
By: Bethany Hyde
Holly thinks her husband forgot Chrismakkuh. But he got her, them, a joint session at a retreat.

Stress happens, from work and life, in a relationship. It's wonderful to dream of the getaway. Holly and Shane get to do that. Holly's wanted her husband to take charge. Now he has.

Oh boy! Trying something new, and finding a way together again.

Fake It Till You Make It
By: Melissa Lenhardt
Roxanne took the day off work to finish her Christmas shopping. And the kids are gone for the night. Roxanne is dressed up and determined to give herself a Christmas present. However the bar is practically empty.

It's cute, Roxanne's best friend doesn't think she can do it. A one night stand. Roxanne does meet and get to know Curtis. This is fun and sexy with them. They made me smile. This stayed true to their feelings and concerns.

Wet Christmas
By: Anh Leod
Orik's parents are out of their home for the holiday after a kitchen fire. His home's not big enough for them all and he's tight on money with care for them, he hasn't even been on a date in far to long. The neighbor, Nymph, offers to take the older couple in on Christmas Eve, and invites Orik over for dinner after his shift at the firehouse. When he sees her fenced back yard, the fetish he's afraid to share with anyone in this small town sets in deep.

Orik is ready for in-water extracurricular activities. lol. This was fun for the sense of what can happen in water just like in the house, or anywhere. This erotic story is all about fun in the water. And they have fun.

I felt back for Orik with caring for his parents and making sure they are safe. But was glad that he got to have fun in the end.

Holy Fuck
By: E.B. Ashcroft
Jude's friend of years' family does big celebrations around Christmas with a Christening, Birthdays, a Wedding, and of course Christmas. Jude is there for it all. Steven's sister remembers Judes birthday and gives him the key to a room with his present.

Oh My! This one is out of my comfort zone for hot and heavy romance. I'm not much of an erotica read, so this was a bit steep for me. It was a m/m read. I can't really say much more on this one.

Ghost of Christmas Past
By: Wendy Vogel
Marissa's recovered from cancer and divorced. She's determined to never spend a holiday alone again. This Christmas Eve day she's spending it horseback riding at the lodge she's staying at. However, the trail leader is a blast from the past. A man with which she has a hot past.

We get to share two smexy moments in Marissa's life. A past and present. This is a sweet story as after twenty years no one is the same. And this one touches on a woman who's survived breast cancer, and a man who doesn't see the visible scars. I liked this one for the issue it touched on along with being a smexy romance.

Do You Believe in Santa?
By: Nicola Jane
Ellen slipped out from the office Christmas party and is locked out of the floor where her coat and purse are. Ellen finds her Santa...

This was a quick,Quick read. I was surprised. A moment in Ellen's life. I kind of wanted more...

I'm Coming Home
By: Blake C. Aarens
Ron is coming home at the holiday season with his discharge papers. A heroes welcome awaits him. Ron has passed his home town to go the extra mile and thank his aunt, who saved him. Yet his Christmas plans are to be with another, even though his mother doesn't know he's out of the service.His high school sweetheart, newly divorced and kid-less for the holiday, lives in the same town.

This was nice to see a soldier receive the gratitude he deserves on his flights home after he's served the country. The people on the flights treat him and his fellow soldiers well.

This is heart felt and sweet.

From Keats, with Love
By: Maureen Lee
Eleanor's last night in the city of London before Christmas. She's in the holiday spirit and determined to make the best of it, even though she's been in a bad mood since her fight with her best friend Colin, three weeks ago. She misses his company. But there is a gift waiting for her at home when she returns.

Ella suffers from the best friend barrier line. Do you cross or not? For four years Ella has not crossed the line. Not being willing to lose the friend she has in Colin. When she finds him waiting in her home with a gift that he planned on leaving for her, but couldn't without talking to her as she was leaving for the States the next morning. This is nice to see people find something they always wanted and was in front of them.

Stealing Christmas
By: Peggy Barnett
Pinch doesn't like Christmas. Because he's lonely, though no one knows that. And the neighbor has needs she needs itched.

lol. This was fun. It's written like A Night Before Christmas in syllables but with a touch of The Grinch in the words. This Christmas stanza was different and a fun way to close out the book. I did enjoy this sexy rendition with the rhythm and phrasing.


  1. Thanks Melissa I read this collection too and my favorite was the one from the male pov, by Paul what a great romance voice he has.

    1. Debbie Haupt, I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed the collection too. Paul's was amazing. :)

  2. Multiples? LOL I'm glad you read a bit outside your comfort zone. I might have to try this one for this year's holiday season.

    1. Thank you Melissa (B&T). It was a smexy holiday read. ;D Hope you get to try it.

  3. Sounds like a good one for next xmas

  4. Love anthologies, so will keep this in mind for next Christmas!

  5. Oh nice, it's always fun to have christmas stories.

    1. Hi Melliane. It was nice to have a holiday read this year. :) Thank you!


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