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Book Review: Aces Wild

Aces Wild

By:  Amanda Carlson

Publish Date:  June 2014

Format:  eARC, 91pgs

Genre:  Paranormal Romance

Series:  1st in Sin City Collectors novella series

Recommendation:  Oh wow. YES! A novella and view into the deep world of the sin city and the collectors of the supernatural. A blend of action and romance in one place.

Welcome to Vegas. Home of the Sin City Collectors. The job description is easy: Bring the offending supernatural in to the Boss and don’t ask any questions.

Nevada Hamilton has learned a few things since becoming a Sin City Collector, and staying away from vampires is one of them. After botching her first Collection, the vamp getting away after causing as much damage as possible, she hasn’t been assigned to another one since.

But when she receives her next playing card, she’s in for a surprise. Not only is a vampire her next target, but they’ve paired her up to make sure she gets the job done right. Refusing a Collection is not an option, but when she discovers who she’s working with, making the mission as difficult as possible for her new partner becomes her top priority…

Being a hellhound isn’t enough to protect Jake Troubadour from Nevada Hamilton, no matter how thick his skin is. Finding out he has to work with the beautiful dhampir, after not seeing her for three years, is a low blow—but Jake is a professional. He takes his Collections as seriously as he does running his bar. He’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done, but after that, he’s out. No more chances for the girl who wrecked his bike and scarred his soul so long ago. But even with his heart dead set against it, this hellhound quickly finds he’s not immune to love after all.

What’s Collected in Vegas, stays in Vegas...

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**I requested a copy to read for my enjoyment and an honest review from the author.

My Thoughts and Summary:
Nevada is a Sin City Collector (SCC) and has received her next Collection from her boss in way of a playing card with images on it to direct her. She must bring in the supernatural to her boss for discipline as the powers that be judge. Neve's next Collection is - a vampire. Neve doesn't collect vampires. Being half vampire herself, and half human, making her Dhampire she knows their tricks. The only job where the supe got away from her, her first that almost ended her career before starting, was a vampire. She hasn't taken another since, but Collectors don't pick or dictate their cases. To top off the terrible job, she's to partner up. And of the hundreds of Collectors, to be with him. Jake can't believe his luck when he receives his playing card dictating his next job. To be partnered with her. Their past together will get some answers, although they may not be what Nevada wants to learn about herself.

Collectors don't usually partner for jobs. For this case, Nevada is required to do so. Nevada thinks it's in reference to her first case, and experience with a vampire, but it might be for more reasons than she's aware of.

There is a past between Nevada and Jake. I like that with being a novella length there is a history to build on. And boy do these two build on that past. Neve hasn't been taught in the vampire, or dhampire, ways so she doesn't know what comes over her when she's near Jake. But it's not right, and she fights it with all her being. The attraction from the one night three years ago burns fresh in both, however neither knows the other feels so strongly.

When Neve lets herself go with Jake, Oh MY! Nevada reels herself in and realizes she needs to talk to one of her kind to learn more about them and herself. He reactions to Jake are far more than she bargained for And she has a Collection to perform!

Action with just the right dash of romance and feisty personality.

Amanda is a master in creating depth in her worlds and characters. This novella holds true to Amanda's growing, glowing reputation. Characters that clash yet accent each other, perfect blend. And a world that doesn't stop!

I'm already a fan of Amanda's Urban fantasy series, and this story and world is right up there with it. I'll be waiting for more Sin City from Amanda and all the authors playing in this world.


  1. You are re-reading Sprunk? :)

    1. Blodeuedd, Um, no. *drops head* I never finished the trilogy. I'm a terrible reader/fan. I've been wanting to for so long but something else got in the way. So I just decided everything else can wait while I get caught up. ;)

  2. Oh you have me wanting to read all her UF stuff. This is no exception. It sounds fab!!

    1. Yeaaaah! That's what I love to hear Melissa (B&T). I really don't think you would be disappointed with Amanda's work, AT ALL! :D

  3. It looks very good! I agree that I like it when characters clash yet can't stay away from each other. The back-story there looks like fun. I also love the names and her job. Sounds like a very interesting read :D Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven.

    1. Jaclyn Canada. Wonderful. :) Glad you like the character clash too. :) I think it's awesome to read. And when they finally meet, well it's all the better. :) Thank you!

  4. I really liked this one it was a fun book and I can't wait for more!

    1. Melliane, I'm with you. And I can't wait to pick up Kristen Painter's too. :)

  5. I like Amanda Carlson. And this one looks really good. Thanks for the review.

    1. Hey Luanne! Hope you enjoy this one as much as Amanda's other work. :)

  6. Sounds like a great read! A dhampir and a hellhound? Sign me up!

  7. It sounds interesting but I'm not sure about the length. I'm not a fan of a series of short books due to my book budget!

  8. Chucklesthescot, I understand. There are many with the same concerns. :) Thank you!


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