Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Book Review: Double Share

Double Share

By:  Nathan Lowell

Publisher:  Podiobooks

Publish Date:  2008

Format:  Podiobooks

Genre:  Science Fiction

Series:  4th in Golden Age of the Solar Clipper series; 1st Book ~ Quarter Share, 2nd Book ~ Half Share, 3rd ~ Full Share

Recommendation:  Oh yes. We see a completely different side to the Spacer world, and Ish is challenged here.


In his first assignment as an officer, Ishmael Horatio Wang finds himself fresh out of school, wet behind the ears, and way out of his depth.  Aboard the William Tinker the senior officers are derelict and abusive, the crew demoralized and undisciplined, and change unwelcomed and dangerous.  Can Ishmail use what he learned aboard the Lois McKendrick to help the crew find the ship's heart?  Or will he discover that bucking the system may come at too high a price?  Return to the Deep Dark with Ish in this fourth installment of the award winning Solar Clipper Series as he makes the transition from crew to officer.

First Sentence:
Whether I shall turn out to be the hero of my own life, or whether that station will be held by anybody else, these pages must show.

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**I listened to this story for my own enjoyment.

My Thoughts and Summary:
Ishmael has graduated from the Academy and is taking his first job as 3rd Mate at the Diernia Salvation & Transport company.  Upon the ship the William Tinker where the 1st Mate and crew seem to be laxed on formality and cruel to each other, even degrading to woman and others.  Maybe the sneakiness Ish learned on the Lois will help him with this crew, or maybe he'll abandon ship before his first three months of trial period are up.

We see Pip and Bev at the very beginning, but they go their own ways in the vast world Spacers live in.  Once we board the William Tinker, we meet a whole new crew.  I was nervous with a new crew, but Ish has a candid way of finding amazing people.  The two women, Ms. Jaxton & Ms. Dang, that stand watch with him on the bridge are just a hoot.  They made me smile each time.  And Ms. Dang is the leader of fun with this duo, she cracks me up.

We see a whole new ship here, in the shape of a barbell.  The end is a security compartment that can't be accessed from the ship and rather large.  The crew seem to be rather laxed in procedures, cleaning, and care.  There are many issues with this crew.  The woman are looked down upon and it seems male verses female, and the woman are abused with no choice.

The first Mate is a complete...well, lets say he's the leading trouble here.  The first Mate seems to be a sort of enemy to Ish, more and more as the story goes on.

Ish has taken the position of third Mate where he gives tests to the crew and does the emergency drills.  It's one rough position and ship with the way of the crew.  Ish seems to want to give it a go and make changes.  He's willing to try but I can say, two days at dock and I can see why people have left.  And we haven't even headed into the deep dark yet!  I don't think I could stay, like Ish, and try to better the place.  Ish starts with start with the moral of the crew.  The Ish we know is here.  He stands strong in his "habits" and influencing a few at a time as the proud safe feeling his "harem" grows.

It's curious that we learn Ish was hired before there was an opening on the ship.  Makes me wonder why he was put on this ship.  And the Captain is over paranoid with his suspicions of Ish in this position.

This ship and story is darker than the first three books.  Darker happenings that Ish is use too.  Really a challenge for him in more ways that one.  Physical and mental, for his crew and ship.

I continue with this series, addicted to what Ish will come across next.  He is one you want to read about and root for. On to the next book immediately!


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