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Book Review: Bite Me

Bite Me

By:  P.J. Schnyder

Publish Date:  June 24, 2013

Publisher:  Carina Press

Format:  eBook, 91pgs

Genre:  Paranormal Romance

Series:  1st in London Undead series

Recommendation:  Oh yes. Quick, sweet romance read. And it has zombies!

Book one of London Undead

Few people walk the streets of London since the zombie outbreak, but that's not an issue for Seth. As a werewolf, he can handle himself and save humans reckless enough to take a nighttime stroll. While on patrol he comes across a group of people under attack. The one woman brave enough to take a stand against the zombies catches his eye—and not just because of her way with a gun. Learning the beautiful woman is homeless and fends for herself only intensifies his urge to protect and care for her.

Maisie can't help but admit that she's attracted to her werewolf rescuer. She's drawn to Seth's strength and ferocity, and finds herself opening up to him in ways she never imagined, even though she's determined to not rely on Seth or anyone else. She doesn't want another person to get hurt—or die—for her sake. She has enough scars, physical and emotional, from the last time…

But when Seth realizes something is drawing the zombies to Maisie, there may be nothing he can do to save her…

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**I purchased this book to read for my own enjoyment.

My Thoughts and Summary:
Seth helps his medic, Danny, collect samples from a zombie before eliminating it. He then heads on the remainder of the patrol of his territory London, sending Danny back to start researching and testing. Hearing a scream with his sensitive hearing at night when few brave the streets, he heads toward it to find zombies after a woman and a family. Maisie went for a walk at night with her irritation at her landlord, when she came across a family running from zombies. She pulls her faithful guns to help protect the family. Her ammo is running low as the zombies narrow in. The zombies are acting different, organized. And this can spell trouble for many.

The world here is dangerous. The people who didn't have the money to leave or get out soon enough are stuck in London with the quarantined area. Zombies appeared a little over a year ago and stay in this area. Werewolves are great allies to have against the zombies, humans have finally accepted their help in patrolling and killing zombies but people are still nervous, yet they are more scared of the zombies at the moment. Seth's under the scrutinizing eye of not only the council and other packs but the vampires and fae.

Seth is strong in his feelings of the zombies, and magic. Kill them and don't use it. He has a history with both. Seth is a caring man, and an Alpha. He wants nothing more than to protect his area and eliminate any threat. Danny is a scientist through and through, working out the how, why, and what to do to cure or stop the virus. The humans have moved to slow to recognize the symptoms and to many have become infected. To many innocents have died or been turned.

Seth sees something more in Maisie with her lack of fear in her personal moves, towards zombies and him, and relaxed personality. She's one heck of a shot with her guns too. Seth's instinct is to help Maisie, get her food and off her crippled foot, is strong in Seth. Maisie is special and upon first meeting Seth, ends up in his strong arms. Maisie finds a physical attraction there curled next to his firm chest.

I enjoyed this sweet romance. P.J. has blended paranormal romance with the looming zombie threat in the now dangerous city of London. What a way to blend all the elements.

This is definitely a romance read. There's a blooming relationship with hints on more to the world and zombies. The focus is the growth of caring and love in this dangerous time, but I do hope in the future stories we learn more of the questions about the zombies posed from this read. I'm looking forward to reading them to find out.


  1. Not many romances in zombie books! Oh I'm curious just with that!

    ... wait a minute... you read a zombie book??? LOL

    1. Bahahaha, Melissa (B&T) I was wondering if you'd catch that. LOL! Yes, I read a zombie book. But there are werewolves here. And other things too. Zombies are just the 'mindless' meat eaters. ;) It was fun to relax and read it. I do hope you check it out. It's a short quick read. :) Thank you!

  2. Replies
    1. Blodeuedd. :) It was neat. I look forward to the rest of the books. :)

  3. I looove zombie books, adding this to my tbr list :D

    1. Finley Jayne, hope you enjoy the romance and story here. :) Thank you!

  4. Replies
    1. It was a nice story to kick back with, Bea. :) Thank you for visiting.

  5. Great review, I love zombies in romance novels so I'll be checking this one out.
    Thanks for stopping by my Library Loot post :)

    1. Oh Kimberly @ Turning the Pages, so glad you like the sounds of this one. It's a shorter read so very quick, hope you give it a go and enjoy it. :)

  6. yes it's rare to have a PNR zombie story it's intriguing. When I saw the cover I tried to understand what the girl was. But yay, zombies? i like books with them, they're usually fun! thanks for the review.

    1. Melliane, it's a nice read. Hope you get to check it out. And yes, I was a bit curious about her in the background. I think I understand better now after reading the story. Thank you for visiting.:)

  7. Zombies and romance, I am so in. And a great cover this time.

    1. Oh Jennifer Bielman, do hope you get to check out the story and enjoy it. :)


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