Friday, May 2, 2014

Re-release Book Review: Cybrosis


By:  P.C. Haring

Publisher:  Off the Deep End Multimedia LLC

Publish Date:  May 2, 2014

Format:  eArc

Genre:  Science Fiction, Cyberpunk

Series: 1st book in A Codename Ciris Conspiracy series

Recommendation:  Yes.  If you enjoy action and adventurous mystery with technology mixed in, go read this one!

Book Synopsis:
For Agent Ciris, the mission should have been simple: get in, apprehend the target, get out.  But when the simple snatch and grab goes horribly awry, the worlds first cyborg find herself backed into a corner.  At odds with her superiors, she becomes embroiled in two conspiracies - one intended to destroy her with a cybernetic virus that will neutralize the technology that keeps her alive, the other intended to keep hidden the untold secrets of her origin.  With the walls closing in around her, Ciris becomes a rogue agent with no one to trust and only one objective - unravel the shrouds of secrecy before time runs out.

First Sentence:
Computer networks cover the Earth, connecting distant corners in an instant.

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**I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

My Thoughts and Summary:
Ciris and her crew of operatives are on a mission to find and bring in Dr. Leon Quincy, who has become a dangerous computer hacker.  The simple mission turns messy and damage claimed by many is beyond belief of The Center, who's now upset with Ciris for her disregard of care to property around her.  Ciris is listening to the speech from Director Briggs on her disregard and how the physical damage caused while on cases has become beyond excessive since the accident, then unwillingly and not knowing why, she passes out.  These two combined with holding information from her crew gets Ciris grounded to paperwork, but quickly she returns to the field when she is the only agent around and Quincy is at his worst again.  We then see someone has other ideas for Ciris, using her computer side as a weakness...or is it her human side?  Ciris fights her virus and Cybrosis while trying to come to terms with many lies and betrayals around her.

This book started out as Podcasts, which you can find on the authors site.  I found my way there by way of Tales from the Archives, and listened to the first podcast.  I loved what I heard, but not having an iPod to load to, and not being able to carry with me, along with always being interrupted at home (you know how those kids and husbands are) I wasn't able to get to listening to more.  Which bummed me out as I really wanted to.  So, when I found out P.C. Haring made his debut into books, I jumped at the chance to read a copy of this book.  And I'm so glad I did.

We start with full, high speed action with loads of bullets and fire!  Then we end with it as well.  And through out the book, yes we have it there too.  Ciris is always wrestling with someone.

I loved the word usage!  So vivid, and easy to visualize.  Such strong words used, dropped the images into my head.
     "riddled with holes..."
     "charred remains..."
     "She raised her left arm and a pod slightly larger than a deck of playing cards rose a few centimeters from the back of her forearm." - This whole sentence made it so easy to visualize!  Who couldn't see this?

This brings me to my next subject, cyber and technology.  I always get a little fearful when picking up a cyber book or science fiction book that I will not understand the equipment or terms used.  In this case, P.C. Haring made it incredibly easy for me.  His descriptions were vivid and in terms I understood.  He didn't linger on the items longer than he had to, I know there is some huge and powerful equipment here, but as they are part of the setting and story, they were not the storyline itself.  Ciris was.  Thank you P.C. Haring.  I enjoyed the high tech equipment and usage.  The cars, can be driven or navigate on their own.  Computer access to Centers network from in the car.

Ciris... I have to say I feel for this woman.  All that has happened to her to get here, and beyond.  She is broken, but she is very strong.  Really, one of my kind of leading ladies.  P.C. Haring does well of controlling our feelings where Ciris is concerned, when we feel with Ciris the holes in her heart then turn it off with Ciris to be business when at work.

P.C. Haring kept me wondering and turning the pages as he deepened the mystery behind Cybrosis, the virus, and the betrayals all around in each chapter.  I was curious what our "man" would do next, when would we meet him, and why.  I wanted to learn all the answers and to see what destruction Ciris would create next.

Very nice debut into books!

Would you like to learn more?  You can check out P.C. Harings' site: The Network of P.C. Haring.
If you would like to listen to the Podcasts of Cybrosis (which I have to say in just the first one I enjoyed the different voices) You can do so with this link.


  1. Replies
    1. Sure thing Debbie Haupt. And glad you enjoyed the cover too. It's a different read, but in this day it's great to get something different. :)

  2. Oh this sounds fab. So glad that they make the tech accessible. Also, thanks for the reminder of the podcasts!

    1. Melissa (B&T) Oh yes. I love that the tech was easily understood too. And you can read or listen. ;) I read this one, and enjoyed it. Thank you!

  3. Oh it sounds good! I'm glad you were able to find a book to read because I can totally understand the problem with many persons at home lol. It's also great to know that the sci-fi part isn't really too complicated.

    1. Melliane, I was so relieved with the scifi being easy for me to understand. And wonderful story. :) Thank you!

  4. oh that is an interesting way to start a series, on a podcast!

    1. Lily B. It was a great read. But you can listen to it with many facinating voice actors. :) Thank you!


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