Thursday, March 13, 2014

Throwback Thursday (146)

I found this picture of Trinity College Library, and thought it would work for this meme with a little play with lighting and adding the words.

Let's talk about those books already on the shelves, yours or the stores.

I have a post for books I'm looking forward to coming out;
Looking Forward To...
But what about all those wonderful books that are ALREADY on the shelves.

Whether it be on your shelf waiting to be read or on the shelves in the stores waiting for you to give it a good home.

So, I thought I would share a book a week that is just waiting for me to travel through it's world.

Now... where do I start? Lets go by Published Date on the books...

This Week:

I love my anthologies and this one was on the top of my list to get. I've not read Charlaine Harris or Nalini Singh or the series Meljean Brook's short is for. But Ilona Andrews - OF COURSE! This anthology has a taste of them all for me.  Ilona Andrews story is the main reason I picked this up. And I'd forgotten I had it until now!

Goodreads Synopsis:
In these hound-eat-hound worlds, anything goes... and everything bites.

Follow paranormal bodyguards Clovache and Batanya into Lucifer's realm, where they encounter his fearsome four-legged pets, in Charlaine Harris's The Britlingens Go to Hell

Seek out a traitor in the midst of a guild of non- lethal vampire trackers, one that intends to eradicate the entire species of bloodsuckers, in Nalini Singh's Angels' Judgment.

Find out why the giant three-headed dog that guards the gates of Hades has left the underworld for the real world-and whose scent he's following-in Ilona Andrews's Magic Mourns

Embark on a perilous search for the kidnapped niece of a powerful vampire alongside her blind- and damn sexy-companion and a hellhound in Meljean Brook's Blind Spot.

These four novellas by today's hottest paranormal authors will have hellhound lovers everywhere howling.

I've heard back from a few bloggers that they would like to join in this meme post, so I'm adding a Linky for you to join in.  Grab the picture above, and join in.  All I ask, is if you can acknowledge my blog in the post so others know where to come back to.


  1. I used to have a whole shelf full of these anthologies! I think I might have had this one at some point but I don't remember now. I do love the cover. Why are there not more hellhounds in UF books...

    1. Chucklesthescot, I'm the same way. I had to double check the shelves to even make sure I really had it. lol.

  2. Love these anthologies, so hope you're able to get to it soon!

    1. I really do need to get back to the antho reading, Alexia. :) Thank you for visiting!


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