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Book Review: Dawn's Early Light

Dawn's Early Light

By:  Tee Morris & Philippa Ballantine

Publish Date:  March 25, 2014

Publisher:  Ace

Format:  ARC Print, 373pg

Genre:  Fantasy, Steampunk

Series:  3rd book in Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences series; 1st Book ~ Phoenix Rising, 2nd Book ~ Janus Affair

Recommendation:  Heavens yes! Electrifying and will blow you away.

Working for the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences, one sees innumerable technological wonders. But even veteran agents Braun and Books are unprepared for what the electrifying future holds…

After being ignominiously shipped out of England following their participation in the Janus affair, Braun and Books are ready to prove their worth as agents. But what starts as a simple mission in the States—intended to keep them out of trouble—suddenly turns into a scandalous and convoluted case that has connections reaching as far as Her Majesty the Queen.

Even with the help of two American agents from the Office of the Supernatural and the Metaphysical, Braun and Books have their work cut out for them as their chief suspect in a rash of nautical and aerial disasters is none other than Thomas Edison. Between the fantastic electric machines of Edison, the eccentricities of MoPO consultant Nikola Tesla, and the mysterious machinations of a new threat known only as the Maestro, they may find themselves in far worse danger than they ever have been in before….

First Sentence:
Truly there was nothing more delightful to Eliza D. Braun than a jolly good foot chase; whether it was across London's rooftops in the morning, and afternoon tearing through the streets of Paris, or slipping in and out of the darkest shadows of a night in Cairo.

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**I requested to review this book from the tour company.

My Thoughts and Summary:
Things are still simmering in England after the Janus Affair. Sound has sent Agents Braun and Books as "Goodwill Advisers" to the Americas agency, the Office of the Supernatural and Metaphysical, while the heat of the last case cools a bit. Working with their counterparts of the Americas, they help with the case of ships of ocean and air are disappearing off the coast of the Outer Banks. Mysteriously, no debris is washing up on shore, that many are noticing. But there is one who has seen something. A bright light and debris that is gone the next morning. The Ministry Agents were requested for their experience with the aether gate commandeered from the House of Usher. The light ray takes the four agents to additional cities in the Americas, following Thomas Edison, working to stop the next deadly disaster. Things become suspicious for Dr. Sound as the Queen of England wants her son to visit the Americas, for a clankerton convention and he hears of the troubles stirring in the America's.

Amazing fun with Eliza and Wellington once again! Enlightening on several levels, and will blow you away. We get to see Wellington in action, and the beautiful Eliza as well.

Eliza is reinstated to active field agent. Wellington receives a promotion with her. Nothing is ever relaxing and calm for our duo. On the airship a thief is spied leaving Eliza's room and a race is under foot. There is always trouble in the line of duty that Eliza and Wellington serve.

A shoot 'm up bang, bang of American West blended with the elegance of Europe. Exciting! The American partners Eliza and Wellington meet are just like them, but maybe not as elegant as the British Agents. 'Wild Bill' Wheatley and Felicity Lovelace. I'm sure you can guess which is of Eliza's gun-shooting ways and which is the Librarian. And there is a bit of attraction to the, or from, their counterparts.

I love Eliza's spunk. Welly even gets a gun, or two, in hand. It seems trouble finds our boy Welly as well. Now that he's in the field, he seems to find the right spots to be with his reasoning deductions. We see Wellington in full action, even though he doesn't want to. Mostly, he's paired with his counterpart in the Americas. With doing so, Welly steps up his game and is more active with guns and actions. Having his counterpart present gives us someone to compare and reflect on Wellington's past ways (in previous two books).

We even get views from England. We learn Queen Victoria would like her eldest child, Bertie, occupied out of town for a time. He's taken to much of an interest in her health and away from his own enjoyments. She requests Dr. Sound to arrange for Albert to go to the Americas for a Clankerton Symposium. There is...bad blood between mom and son, Queen and heir to the throne.

Aaah, if you have read this series thus far, you know there are feelings to be sorted. Eliza tries to sort out her own and what relationship she has with Wellington, who seems to have forgotten the kiss he planted on her. There is no time with all the action, and interruptions, for Eliza and Wellington to talk. But, at one point Eliza is ready to explode and makes the time. Hahaha! Perfect timing.

Oh! Are you curious who the Maestro is? Well, you will learn who the person is behind the armor. We learn a bit of Wellington as well. He's picked up some habits from Ms. Eliza Braun, but he has his own secreted talents. I love his bloody car!! He has crafted it with great care and thought! All I will say...Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang.

The story here is complete. But in the end leaves me anxious as to what's to come to pass in England. There is much to look forward too. Oh how things are moving there. An amazing adventure with our favorite duo that leads us to so much more to come.


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    1. Blodeuedd, they are amazingly lucky with these covers. :)

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    1. Haha, Jennifer Bielman, that is Eliza the whole way through the book. She is an amazing and fun character. :)


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