Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Post #15

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And, this last week is a PERFECT example of why I like to get lost in fiction books.  *sigh*  Yea, it's been that bad.  But, I think there is light somewhere at the end of this tunnel.

I've not done much in reading.  I did get my normally schedule posts up, so hope you at least get to check those out.

This, I'm hoping to get to some visiting this week.  I just don't know how much, but I'll try.

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I had to put a hold on everything this last week.

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Hmm, I didn't listen to anything.

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Nothing. :(


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Nothing this week.

Sorry, with all that's happening in the mundane world, I've not got to write or post any.

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***NEW*** Mythical Monday ~ The amazing Carolyn Crane talking of Aladdin and the Magic Lamp
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Who? What? Where? Wend.
Throwback Thursday
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This Week to Come on the Blog:

Um...I'm really not sure.  I've got so much to get caught up on.  Sorry.

Received Last Week:

I don't think anything for Review.

Maven by S.A. Huchton
Goodreads Synopsis:
How far would you go for love?

Since losing her parents at 14, young prodigy Dr. Lydia Ashley has focused on one thing: an appointment on the Deep Water Research Command Endure. Now 21, she’s about to realize that dream, but nothing is how she imagined it would be. Her transitional sponsor forgets her, her new lab is in complete chaos, and, as if that weren’t enough, she’s about to discover something so horrific it could potentially destroy all life on the planet. 

Daniel Brewer, a noted playboy and genius in his own right, may be exactly what she needs… Or he may make everything worse.

Has she finally found a puzzle she can’t solve?

Clockwork Fairy  Tales (anthology)
Goodreads Synopsis:
Combining the timeless fairy tales that we all read as children with the out-of-time technological wizardry that is steampunk, this collection of stories blends the old and the new in ways sure to engage every fantasy reader.… 

Inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s "The Red Shoes", New York Times bestselling author K. W. Jeter’s "La Valse" forges a fable about love, the decadence of technology, and a gala dance that becomes the obsession of a young engineer—and the doom of those who partake in it.…

In "You Will Attend Until Beauty Awakens", national bestselling author and John W. Campbell Award winner Jay Lake tells the story of Sleeping Beauty—and how the princess was conceived in deception, raised in danger, and rescued by a prince who may be less than valiant.

The tale of "The Tinderbox" takes a turn into the surreal when a damaged young soldier comes into possession of an intricate, treacherous treasure and is drawn into a mission of mercy in national bestselling author Kat Richardson’s "The Hollow Hounds".

In "The Kings of Mount Golden", Hugo and World Fantasy Award nominee Paul Di Filippo tells the story of a young man’s search for his heritage and a mechanical marvel that lies at the heart of a sinister pact in this fascinating take on "The King of the Golden Mountain".

Steven Harper
Nancy A. Collins
G. K. Hayes
Gregory Nicoll
Pip Ballantine

Dark Days by Caitlin Kittredge
Goodreads Synopsis:
Jack Winter is back. But his demons are far from behind him…

Jack Winter and his girlfriend Pete Caldecott have encountered a lot of strange creatures in the Black—primordial demons, hungry ghosts, witch hunters, and the Prince of Hell himself, Belial. When Belial asks Jack for one last favor to help him keep his throne,Jack may have finally met his match because Belial's rival is something that no one— human or demon—has ever seen before…


There’s a revolution brewing in Hell, and Jack might be the only one who can stop Belial’s rival from ripping a hole between the Black and the mortal world—a catastrophe that could be worse than
Armageddon. But to win, Jack will have to do the one thing he swore he never would: become a servant to the Morrigan, and risk
losing everything he knows and loves… including Pete.

Free Ebooks:
A Blood Seduction by Pamela Palmer
Goodreads Synopsis:
Take me down to Vampire City...

Vampires live only for lust and pleasure in the eternal twilight of Vamp City. But the city's magic is dying. The only person who can restore it? A beautiful woman from the mortal who knows nothing of the power she wields.

Quinn Lennox is searching for a missing friend when she stumbles into a dark otherworld that only she can see—and finds herself at the mercy of Arturo Mazza, a dangerously handsome vampire whose wicked kiss will save her, enslave her, bewitch her, and betray her. What Arturo can't do is forget about her—any more than Quinn can control her own feelings for him. Neither one can let desire get in the way of their mission—his to save his people, hers to save herself. But there is no escape from desire in a city built for seduction, where passion flows hot and blood-red.

Welcome to Vamp City...


Reviews in the Works:

The Crown Tower by Michael J. Sullivan
The Rose and the Thorn by Michael J. Sullivan
Rough Magic by Kenny Soward


  1. Oh I really hope things are getting are better for you. Blog stuff always takes a back seat for me during tough mundane life as well. Mel-Hugs!

    1. Thank you Mel. Yea, the blog has taken a back seat. Which is okay, I just still miss everyone. :) Thank you!

  2. Yeah, you had a bad week last week. *HUGS* The blog is much less important than that what you were dealing with; no worries.

    1. Thank you Bea. And I'm working through life before blog, but I do miss everyone here too. :)

  3. Nice haul, Dark Days looks good and I so hope things are better there. Read first and worry about visiting us all need the escape!The Sunday Post

  4. I hope you have a better week this week!! I'll be crossing my fingers for you. Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven.

  5. I hope you enjoy all your books, sweetie, and that the following week is better for you *hugs*


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