Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Who? What? Where? (100)

Who are you with? Where are you at? What's happening?

Share with us just a little bit of what is happening in the book you are reading, right where you are now.

Just a tiny taste of what's happening, remember try to not give spoilers of the book.

his is a new meme I'm going to try and will tweak as I go. And please don't laugh at my lame attempt at drawing. ;D )

This Week:

I'm 60 pgs from the end, so I have to be very vague...

I'm with Scorcha and several others (see vague).  We have just come together at this house, and things are looking dire for the Order and citizens of the kingdom.  Geists are starting to stir.

By:  Philippa Ballantine

Others have shown interest in joining in this post, and linking up.  So I've created a linky for that.
My only requests; copy the picture to use, and link back to My words and pages.
Please visit any joining in.
Thank you!


  1. Very vague this week. :D I have barely just started a book yesterday...hahaha so I am nowhere really.

    1. lol. I had to be Carole Rae. The spot I was at was not a spot I could share as I'd give the book away. ;) And that's okay, I've had weeks like that myself. :) Thank you for still stopping!

  2. I am sitting around the campfire. Cat is arguing with her niece

    1. Ooo, Blodeuedd, a cat arguing! I like the sounds of that. :) Hope you enjoyed it.

  3. I hope you are enjoying it as much as me. :D

    I just finished a book, so I'm inbetween... :D

    1. Oh Melissa (B&T) I couldn't finish this one fast enough! LOL! And I didn't want to skim as there is so much going on.

  4. This looks so fun! I don't know how spoiler free I could be though.
    I'll try to do this next week...
    I like the drawing

    Rivie @ Bookshelf

    1. Rivie Bleu, thank you. And once you start you'll know how much to tell. And that's part of why we keep the answer short too, trying to be spoiler free. :) Hope you do get to join in next week. Thank you!


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