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Tales from the Archives 2012 Christmas Special

Tales from the Archives 2012 Christmas Special

By:  Pip Ballantine & Tee Morris

Written & Narrated by:  Philippa Ballantine

Format:  Podcast, 23:14 minutes

Genre:  Fantasy, Steampunk

Series:  A special episode in Tales of the Archives Vol. 2 podcasts for Christmas, part of A Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences series

Recommendation:  This is a story centered around one of the Ministry Seven, Verity.  Wonderful to see her again and continue with a few pieces from her first story.

It's Christmas Eve, and Verity Fitzroy finds herself distracted from her duties with the Ministry Seven.  When she endangers her fellow urchins, she begins to question her role in their life.

My Thoughts and Summary:
Christmas Eve, 1891.

Verity is in the snow watching for the home owner or anyone to return while four of her fellow urchins search inside for evidence for Harrison Thorn, in order to arrest the owner.  Waiting in the boring cold her mind wonders back to her ever distracting past, and what she thinks might affect her future as well - her uncle thought to be dead but alive and a murderer.  Then Verity recognizes the sound of a familiar ticking noise in the back of her head.  Verity's distraction results in trouble, and she questions her time with her family with the Ministry Seven.

I'm a Verity fan.  I've said before in the short story about Verity, and I'll say it again now, there is something special about this girl.  I love her.  She hears the ticking of clockworks and cogs, and it seems she might be the only one.  There is a new element dropped here, and I'm curious of the connection to Verity and her piece she took from her Uncles.  Oooo, so good.  And makes me WANT more from Verity and what she's connected too.

We get a touch of Verity's family past, her parents.  We also we see Harrison Thorn here, and Dr. Josepha Blackwell.  Oh Dr. Blackwell and her machines... giving Verity a taste of what she thought if she never met the boys, for the boys safety...or is it?

Oh there is a neat little warning device she has with the boys inside.  I really liked this.  Then there's Dr. Blackwell's machine that Verity uses.  Oh so interesting in this world of mechanics.  And, it seems Verity has a knack for wanting to investigate mechanical items.  Sounds like the girl has a great future.

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I listened to this short story for my own enjoyment.


  1. Sweet! On kindle as well!

    I love it when an episode makes you want more of a character. Hopefully they will provide!!

    1. Melissa (B&T) That HAVE to have more coming with Verity. Really! I want more! LOL! Thank you.

  2. Really enjoy how much you enjoy this character! :)

    1. Thank you Alexia. I really do enjoy this world Pip & Tee have created. And their characters are amazing. :)

  3. oh it's nice to have a christmas podcast!

    1. Melliane, yes, I was thrilled they did it again this year. :) Thank you!

  4. I actually downloaded some of the episodes of this series in my iphone before but it got ersased when I updated the ios software in my computer and phone :( now I have to go hunt for them in itunes again...

    1. Oh Cherry. That's a bummer. Hope you find them all again. :) Thank you and hope you enjoy them. :)


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