Thursday, May 26, 2011

Throwback Thursday (17)

Let's talk about those books already on the shelves, yours or the stores.

I have a post for books I'm looking forward to coming out;
Looking Forward To...
But what about all those wonderful books that are ALREADY on the shelves.
Whether it be on your shelf waiting to be read or on the shelves in the stores waiting for you to give it a good home.

So, I thought I would share a book a week that is just waiting for me to travel through it's world.

Now... where do I start? Lets go by Published Date on the books...

This Week:

This is one I've heard wonderful things on and sounds like a read right up my alley.  So I had to go get it... and now it's been staring at me from the shelf.  I really want to get to this series, along with a few others, but can't seem to get it squeezed in.

Goodreads Synopsis:
Harper Blaine was your average small-time P.I. until a two-bit perp's savage assault left her dead for two minutes. When she comes to in the hospital, she sees things that can only be described as weird-shapes emerging from a foggy grey mist, snarling teeth, creatures roaring.

But Harper's not crazy. Her "death" has made her a Greywalker- able to move between the human world and the mysterious cross-over zone where things that go bump in the night exist. And her new gift is about to drag her into that strange new realm-whether she likes it or not.


  1. Sounds great! That sounds like a NDE I wouldn't want to wake up to! Seeing ghosts is one thing but snarling creatures... Yikes!

    I'd choose Shift! I read Shade and absolutely couldn't wait for it to come out! I won the book and got it on May 2nd, a day early and I haven't read it!

    About your post on my site (my response on my site):

    Melissa, you're definitely one of the people I've met here that means a lot to me! I think you're one of the sweetest most down to earth people I've met in this 'world' and you're defintely a big part of my blogging journey-you've been on my blog list since about day one, LOL!

    I love that you try new things and I need to get on board with you (especially Throwback Thursdays!). You have such wonderful and unigue ideas!

    I'm so glad we met on each other!



  2. I've actually read your choice this week! It was a while ago and I seem to remember enjoying it,

    Sorry, I'm not taking part this week - I actually have a backlog of reviews that need to be posted - but I will be back next week - Promise! I love this meme as it reminds of all the lovely books I already have and need to start reading!

  3. I've read good things about this one too, so I think it would be a fun one to salvage from the shelf of the forgotten :)

  4. Read eet! You need to read eet! :) I think you will like it.

  5. Kristi The Book Faery - I want to get Shift and Shade too. :) But got to get through some of the books here. ;) Oh, you are to kind. :) And I'm glad you like the ideas here. I try, not everyone joins in but the ones I do get I do enjoy reading. :) Thank you! And Hugs to you as well. I do enjoy your visits here and visiting your blog as well. :) Always so much fun!

    Blodeuedd - lol. So I guess you liked this one. :) Thank you!

    Mel - Oh, no worries about not participating. I completely understand about trying to get caught up or even things happening at home. :) We do have things that need to get done. :) I'm glad you like the meme and sharing. Thank you!

    StephanieD - :) Yeah, I do need to pull it off the shelf one of these days. *sigh* time where do you go...

    Melissa (Books&Things) - LOL! You are to much! I do need to get to it along with a few other jems I have sitting here. :) Thank you!


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