Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring's Serenity Read-a-thon, wrap-up

Spring's Serenity Read-a-thon ran from April 25th through May 1st.
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I tried my best this past week with reading.  But some times life gets cranky.  For the most part I did pretty well until the weekend.  I had planned on reading more over the weekend as my son had 7 boys over for his birthday party sleepover.  What was I thinking!?!  They had me up late with being 8 rambunctious 12 year old boys.  And I wasn't able to get much reading in.  Then Sunday was grandparents birthday day.  And a few stayed later than I had anticipated.  Not a bad thing, just didn't figure they would stay so long.

But, on to what I got through...
I read and completed A Moth in Darkness by Frances Pauli - 212 pages
I finished Iron King by Julie Kagawa - 80 pages left
I started The Sweet Scent of Blood by Suzanne McLeod - 116 pages into

Yeah, not much in page numbers right.  But, I was happy to have gotten completely through A Moth in Darkness so quickly.  And I had only planned on finishing Iron King and reading A Moth in Darkness, knowing all that was going on this weekend.  So I guess in the end I did better than I was realistically hoping. (on the far end of my hopes I was hoping to get at least half way with The Sweet Scent of Blood.)


  1. You should have told the boys to be quiet so you could read. That would work... right? lol

    Still looks like you did pretty well! Much better than I would have done... so congrats!

  2. God bless you for being so brave with all those boys!!! ANd remember, those words are more than what you had before the weekend started

  3. Melissa (Books&Things) - Oh, I don't think I could consintrate at all with those boys yelling and hollaring and running and... it was just crazy chaos! lol. But, we got through and birthdays only come once a year!

    Mflick1 - I really don't know what I was thinking when I agreed to it. I have to say I do not envy teachers at all. :) Bless you! But it was nice to get some reading in. :) Thank you!

  4. Yeah, I know all about 'cranky' weeks..LOL! I think you did great! I'm happy you joined me this time. I hope you will think about trying again for my summer read-a-thon in July. =O)

  5. So true that life gets cranky sometimes and messes up your plans! You are a brave woman to take on 8 little boys! Hope they didn't totally destroy your house!

    For all that you had going on, I think you did pretty well with the read-a-thon! Hope you enjoyed The Iron King as much as I did! I'm Team Puck all the way! :)

  6. Michelle The True Book Addict - hey hon! Thank you for stopping by and hosting! :) Oh, and thank you. I think I did do well and I didn't over do the expectations, which helps. I'll have to think about joining up in July. :) I'll keep an eye out for the information. :)

    Alexia - Hi! Oh, I don't know if brave is the right word after having those boys all here. lol. Oh, I did love Iron King and can't wait to go on in the series. :) I love Puck, but I think I'm leaning for Ash. ;)


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