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Book Blog Chat (5)...Stop 1

Time to start the discussion!  For a Book that is...

Hell Fire by Ann Aguirre

This is our first stop for the book.  And the schedule for you so you can join us on the future stops as well:
  Oct. 28, 2010 Stop 1 - pg 104 through end of Chapter: Secrets Dark and Deep
  Nov.  4, 2010 Stop 2 - pg 217 through end of Chapter: Bar None
  Nov. 11, 2010 Stop 3 - end

Now, to the fun part!  Chatting!

We have some questions to get us started in the first section, but this is just barely scratching the surface.  There is so much happening here to talk about.

These First 104 pages may not be much in the way of SPOILERS, but it could be too.  So, please enter at your own risk.

Robyn's Questions:
1. Who do you think is after Corine? Is it someone we met already? Or has word gotten around town that she is back?

2. I had the question in the back of my mind that maybe her mom and the mystery of the town is involved. We seem to have that answer in the last few pages of the reading. Do you think those people are going to be after Corine for a certain reason? Do you think her mom played a certain part or was it just because she lived in the town?

3. And the one question. Are you team Chance? Maybe you're team Jesse?

Melissa's Questions:
1.  Lets chat on this strange little unheard of town. What is going on here? What or who is the mystery that is affecting all the people, animals, and area in general?

2.  How does Jesse sense Corine from so far away?

3.  What clues do you think Corine and Chance will find in the file they took?


  1. I really want to know how Jesse can sense her from far away. Does this mean they have a connection? Did Jesse do some type of spell? I want to know!!!!

    I'm wondering if her mom is the reason for the town's mystery. Do you think she did something to cause the town to disappear? Maybe she tried to stop it.

  2. I want to know who wrote on the wall.

  3. I'm curious about Jesse too! Is that spark they have part of a way they connect? When Jesse showed up at the house and they touched they sparked again and it was mentioned the spark was like reuniting them. Weird.

    I know he is an empath but can he focus his abilities that much and that far? It sounds strange and powerful! He has to be really good.

  4. I don't know if her mother is the reason for the town being the way they are. Oh, Oh... Idea time! What if... Okay, I need to slow down a minute.

    Corine's mom was a witch. It seems the town has not changed since she left. One question is did the town ever change before that? But What if Corine's mom knew something was going on with the town and put a spell on it with the bad people here. Trapping them and the town in a sense. So that now one else would show up here and get tangled up in the messy black magic they have going on.

    Just a thought. There are so many things about this town. I want to list them later tonight when I can really sit down and go through the book. So strange.

  5. With the spark, does that mean they are destined for each other? Which makes me cheer for him but I still like Chance, lol.

  6. I love that theory about her mom!! The town people do seem to be scared. Maybe they know who the bad people are and know they are stuck with them.

    My question is, if it started before or after her mom died, how did Corine not sense anything? Did she block it out?

  7. Oh yeah! The 'Welcome Home' on the wall. My mind has been racing for that one and the little girl in the attic. I wonder if the little girl had some special ability like Corine and they locked her up, afraid of her.

    All kinds of thoughts ran through my head. Could this be her mother? Was the little girl her mother? Could this be family members of her fathers side? Is it even a relative or just someone playing games with them? Or is there a person/persons that is part of a nasty occult that is in this town and has something they want or need going on?

    Just so many questions!

  8. I don't think the spark means they are destine for each other. Especially since Corine had the same spark with the Innkeepers daughter. Which I think means Corine should or will take her on to show her the ropes like Jesse is to do with Corine.

    I do wonder if that spark does connect them so the leader knows where the followers are.

    Now that leaves me wondering if Corine will take Shannon under her wind and teach her as Corine learns.

  9. I was wondering if it was the old lady as a child.

    Maybe it was her mom and she doesn't the house as a kid because her mom kept her away.

  10. That would be cool. I have a feeling we haven't seen the last of Shannon. I wonder how big of a role she'll play.

  11. Yeah, I'm not sure how Justine missed some of the happenings when she was there. I do think the towns people know more than they are saying. Miz Ruth verified that as she stopped talking and said she needed to get to cleaning. She knows more but didn't say. She was scared to say. And after hearing Mr. McGee talking then dieing so suddenly I under stand why.

    And remember!!! When Mr. McGee died there was the same smell as the powder around the doors at Corine & Chances room at the Inn. I don't think it was the Innkeepers, I think its the 'evil' person/person's incharge of the town as they have everyone scared, to death.

  12. Do you have Double Cross on your mind?? :) Or is there a Justine I missed, hehe.

    I was hoping Mr. McGee would give more information before he died.

    And Butch? I thought we lost him.

  13. The old lady crossed my mind quickly too. I'm wondering if we'll ever find out or not.

    But I agree on Shannon. I don't think we've heard the last of her. And I think if Corine tells Jesse about the spark he will tell her she has to take Shannon under her wing and teach her.

    Shannon could be a nice addition to the crew. And it could be part of what changes Corine in the way of not moving all the time. Corine will have to settle down somewhere and stay in one spot. That will be a challenge for Corine.

    I just remember thinking with that spark that this will be a new story to tell and to keep the series going. Along with a great challenge for Corine and to settle her down some. Sign of big changes for Corine.

    But I will wait and see what happens.

  14. I was wondering if they figured everything out, would she stay or go back to her store. Maybe she'll go with Chance.

  15. Oops, :D my fingers are typing on there own. I must have Justine on my mind. I didn't even remember typing her name! lol. Oh well, that should be Corine. Hey, those names are rather close. :D they both end in ine.

    I was hoping Mr. McGee would give more too! He just made me more curious! I can't believe how much happened so fast.

    Oh, and Butch! I was so afraid for him too. I was afraid he would be hurt by what ever beast is there or dognapped. I'm glad they found him. But he is another one that is to smart for a dog. :)

    And that find in the trees! What!?! Who is doing this? My stomach dropped. Personal possessions. It has to be dark magic.

  16. I have to say this is one book I am divided on the guys. I love them both! I think I want her with Chance just a little bit more than Jesse. But I absolutely love Jesse too! Can I have who she doesn't pick? ;D

    Jesse wants her to come back and settle with him. And it seems he might personally have feelings for her other than her emotional reading. After he reading his watch and him thinking shes cute when angry kind of made me feel it was him liking her not him reading her.

    Oh, these two are so hard to pick. I do not envy Corine at all.

    I wondered if Chance would go to Mexico with Corine. He doesn't really have anything in his home town other than his mother, right?

    Oh I don't know!

  17. That's okay. I really want to read the third book so I have been thinking about Justine and crew also, lol.

    Maybe she'll see Mr. McGee again. Remember them talking about ghosts? Speaking of that, remember he said close to death, you see...hmmmm

    You know when we heard about the pets disappearing also, I did fear for him and than that happened. I hope Corine keeps her eyes on him.

    I was so mad we stopped there with the tree, lol.

  18. This Double Cross all over again, except hopefully Jesse will still be good and same with Chance, haha...

    With Chance, I'm not sure. He seems to care for her but there were times in the last book, I thought he only thought of himself. Would he think that in this one?

    Ok, time to sign off, more later :)

  19. Yeah! I was wondering if Corine could hear the ghosts... well. yeah! Is she close to death too? Or is it the witch in her making it possible for her to hear them? I keep thinking her witch half, which her mother was trying to nurture, will show up. I wonder if slowly it will come through without her knowing.

    And oh! Chance mentioned about magnetic. Magnetic could very well be what causes them to hear what they are hearing. I wonder if that has a pull here some how. To distort the cells and such.

    Oh the necklace under the tree. Yeah! I want to know more. It was very hard to stop reading. I almost kept going.

  20. :D Yeah, lol. those two men always.

    Okay, we will chat later. Have a great day at work.

  21. I'm wondering about the witch thing now too. I would have to look up but didn't Chance or someone mention how they thought she didn't get her power??

  22. I don't think its really said anywhere. But just Corine saying she was learning all the herbs and such with her mother so she would be a great witch one day. But Corine never came into any great powers like she was expected to, just got the gift she has when her mother died - which was given from her mother. But what if she has that locked away somewhere in her. Just not ever tapped into it because her mother died so that part of her was lost to herself, unknown to Corine herself.

    I'm not sure. But it would be cool if she gets some witchy powers. :)

  23. I have to say I really enjoy the way Aguirre writes these stories (at least so far). I can really picture these as movies. There is always action and always great forward movement of the books. I feel like there is a lot happening but it is all easily followed. I love all the action. And even if its not fighting action it is suspense action. Really great to keep you turning the pages.

    Okay, I am going to start the next section as I can't take the other book I'm reading to the football game. We have to be there 1 hour early for my son, so I usually read for a few. This book will fit in my purse nicely. :)

  24. Found the spot where Chance said, "I thought you couldn't do magick." I think I was thinking someone was questioning if she had any magic or power. She than replies about Booke and being able to transport the powder.

  25. I love when books fit nicely in your purse :)


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