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Blog Book Chat (4): Final Stop!

We are at our final stop for Double Cross by Carolyn Crane.

I know there are many out there who have read the book already, and NEED to talk about it.  So this is the spot to do so.  Join in with us.  I know I am gnawing at the bit to talk about this one and what I'm looking forward to.  What about you?

No hold bar here!  Let us have it!  There is so much to talk about and hope for. 

Just remember if you haven't read the book yet, there WILL be SPOILERS in the comments.

We do have some questions to start us in the discussion as well.  Here they are...

Robyn's Questions:
1.  Do you think there is any good in Otto at all?
2.  Will Packard fight for Justine in the third book?
3.  Will Justine figure out the truth about Otto and Avery?  Maybe it will be on her own or will get help from her friends.
4.  If Justine does figure out the truth, do you think Otto will do anything to keep her from leaving?
5.  Will the wedding take place?  Maybe Packard will go all Dustin Hoffman and do the ending of the Graduate, lol.

Melissa's Questions:
1.  What ever happened to the missing kids?  Will we ever know?
2.  Will Justine ever remember?  Do you think her subconscious is working to remember the truth?  With the headaches and worries of Otto reaching into his inside pocket...
3.  Why do you think Otto did what he did?  To trap Packard?  To get the girl?  Or something more?


  1. Okay where do I begin???

    I'm thinking she might actually remember eventually what happened. I'm wondering though if Otto would go to the extreme and whenever she starts to remember, Sophia will make her forget. I wonder if that could cause trouble for her later on.

    I'm not sure why Otto did it. I could see it for being both.

    In a way it seems that Otto is trapping Justine. He's trapping her into a relationship except she doesn't realize it yet and so she's not worrying about getting out. But once she finds out, would Otto hurt her and trap her somehow? Maybe she should stay away from the walls, lol.

  2. Oh MY GOSH!!! I was so happy then like a whirlwind it all was sucked away! I just have to say I never truly trusted Otto. He was a little sneaky for me. And I have always LOVED Packard. :)


    I think Justine will remember. It will take some time and a little push but she will remember. I think that's why she's having the headaches and a little jumpy when Otto reaches into his inner coat pocket. Her subconscious remembers some.

    As for Otto, I agree Robyn, I think it was for both reasons. He wanted to trap Packard because he hates him so and he couldn't stand loosing Justine. Otto really loves her, or a weird kind of love. But to loose her to Packard of all people just would push him over the edge.

    I think the one problem person is going to be Shelby. I think it might take some work to convince her that Packard didn't kill Avery. And she is going to be on a rampage here to get revenge!

  3. As to the missing kids. I'm not sure we will ever know what happened to them. It would be a neat little detail to get in the last book. But being that it happened so long ago, it may not come up again. But why would they Joyce's hunt those kids. And doing it again. Are there more Joyce's out there that might still be up to the hunt? Or are they all taken care of?

  4. Oh another question. When Otto had Justines' day taken from her, did he take when he told her about the school? It didn't come up again. But that was the piece that sent Justine to Packard and feeling as she understands him better. I don't know if she remembers that conversation. It seems like they took back to the time she went down for coffee so she would still know this information as it was told to her the night before.

  5. I was wondering about Shelby. How far will she go for revenge. Maybe Carter will tell her the truth and she'll be on Packard's side again. Or is that too easy? :)

    We know Packard will make an appearance again. I have a feeling he won't be alone. He'll have Carter at least. Do you think Packard would try to kidnap Justine to get her away from Otto?

  6. I hope we hear about the missing kids again. I really want to know what happened to them.

  7. I was just thinking that, lol. I think it was before she fell asleep. So does that mean, she only forgot everything from the time she got up? Remember she heard his voice saying she was in the cafe having coffee. It was that or breakfast.

  8. Duh, you mentioned coffee, maybe I need my coffee :)

    What about Simon's role in the next book?? Do you think Otto will let her see him? I have a feeling Otto will watch her every move and who she sees.

  9. I also love that we know something that Justine doesn't know. You usually don't see that in first person.

    I'm definitely for Packard now by the way, lol. Why did I trust Otto? What was I thinking?? lol....

  10. I'm not sure if Carter or even Packard could change Shelbys' mind so easily. Shelby and Justine are rather close and that Justine 'saw' Packard do it might keep Shelby convinced. Or... maybe Shelby will be easily convinced to believe Packard and she is the one to help get Justine off alone so Packard along with herself and Carter can work on Justine to get her to remember.

  11. It will be very interesting to see which side Shelby goes on. I was thinking if Otto keeps her from her friends, maybe Shelby will start to realize. We know how she felt about Otto from the beginning.

  12. Yeah, Otto is going to be aware of Justines every move. He already has a bodyguard on her and Shelby. Double watching. ;)

    But now that you mention Simon. What about Ez? What was that all about with Otto freakin' out on Justine about freeing her? There is so something up with that. I wonder if Ez knows more about something else in Otto/Henji's past to have deserved to be put away, in Otto's mind. Like Packard was put away.

    Simon and Ez seem to be hitting it off pretty well though. :)

    And I don't think Ez is guilty of what was said she was to have done. I wonder where her ex is though, the one in control of the stomach eating dream walkers.

  13. Yes, us knowing and Justine not. That is a great touch. Now you silently root for something to happen. Very nice touch and well done! I love it. It has me all tied up here. Wanting more.

    Ahh, Otto had many tricked. So, I'll forgive you this time around. ;) LOL!

  14. Oooh Ez. Darn it, have to go to work, lol. I'll be coming on as soon as I get home :).

  15. Yeah, Shelby wasn't an Otto supporter. Hmm, wonder how that will play into this. But I think Otto knows he can't keep Justine away completely from everyone. Or Justine will pull away anyway. But that is a reason to put a guard on Shelby to protect her, and keep an eye on her with out her knowing. And it makes him look good that he is trying to protect her, and letting Justine stay with her. He sounds like the 'perfect' boyfriend.

    But we know better. ;)

  16. Hi Guys...I've been waiting and waiting. J/K

    Ok, I'm just going to jump on in...
    Robyn: I'm so glad you brought up "I also love that we know something that Justine doesn't know. You usually don't see that in first person."

    That is maybe my favorite part of this book. I remember Carolyn mentioning once that we would discover why her books are written in first person...and the whole book, I'm thinking "how will she accomplish that?"

    Needless to say, I was shocked!

  17. I absolutely think that she is going to come "out of it" . Now, I love the idea that Packard will kidnapper her, but I don't think that's what will happen. Only because that is what I'd like to see happen ;)

    I surely hope that she doesn't actually marry Otto. Although I think he'll be desperate to get a move on with the wedding.

  18. I've gone to go grab my notes. I'll be back in a sec :)

  19. Okay, I'm home now :).

    So Ez. I think she does know something. What I don't know. But that has to be the reason to be keeping her trapped. If it wasn't, Otto wouldn't have gotten so mad.

  20. I'm going to love knowing stuff Justine doesn't. I wonder if we'll see it again where she'll lose her memory. s

  21. I am hoping there will be a wedding, but with Packard and Justine. :) I wonder if it will come to the wire or how close to the wedding it will be.

  22. That's why I'm wondering if Packard will do the scene from The Graduate, lol.

    I hope the wedding takes place with Packard and Justine. But I have a feeling we'll almost have a Otto and Justine wedding.

  23. So now we are on Ez. I think there is something funny about the people who new Ez. Remember Simon said they were all convinently missing. Would they all be locked up too? Could it be that these people who are locked up are all who were part of the Kids in the school with Henji & Packard? Maybe Otto locked them all up so they didn't give away who Otto was. Or what he might be up to.

    I am curious about Otto's looks. Has he changed that much since he was a kid that Packard didn't recognize him?

  24. And here I was worried in the very beginning that Sophia was changing Ottos' memories. Ha! I really didn't trust her though. Wouldn't it be funny if Sophia was the one up to more bad than Otto knew. :D

  25. Could Ez be one of the missing kids? I didn't even think about that.

  26. Maybe Sophia has done stuff but Otto doesn't know it yet, lol.

    Sophia better watch herself, haha.

  27. How far do you think Otto would go to hurt Justine. We know how angry he can get but what would he do to Justine?

    Would he go easy on her?

  28. Mmmm, I don't think Otto would want to hurt Justine. I think her really believes he loves her. But, I don't know what he is capable of doing. I wonder from time to time what he would do to keep her.

  29. That's what I'm wondering about. He took a day away from her but would he go to the extreme and take more? She's getting headaches. Can you imagine if he took more? And how many times will be reaching into his pocket?

  30. Oops. hit publish too quickly, lol.

    The only other thing I think he could be capable of is, trapping. Where would he trap her? Her apartment or his place? Maybe Simon will try and get her out. I really hope we still have Simon in the next book.

  31. Oh... I didn't think about Otto trapping her. And yeah, how far back can they go with the memory swip thing. I know they mentioned to go further than a day it would not work as well. But maybe thats why Justine has the headaches and has short mixed feelings.

    Simon has to come through! Simon and Justine have become good friends, well maybe collages. They work well together, by challenging the other. Simon might get trapped though. Nah. Simon will help.

  32. I don't think that Otto loves Justine that much. Or at least not as much as he loves himself!
    Plus Sophie only took a day and wasn't Justine conflicted about Otto before that day? And she was still lustational about Packard before that.
    I am worried about Carolyn mentionning a wedding! I hope she isn't planning to torture me with having a Justine/Otto wedding. That would be well cruel because I love Packard even if it is a bit of a bad boy.

  33. Hi tvted! Thank you for joining in with us on the chat. :) I like that thought about Otto loving himself, and more than he loves Justine. :) I really am starting to think he loves having her there with him and how she 'helps' him with his weak moments.

    I was wondering about Justine having her feelings for Otto and Packard before Sophie took that day too. Maybe that will be the part that pulls Justine away from Otto in the end, as she was already conflicted about Otto and dreamy of Packard. It will just take time to get her were we want her, as she really thinks Packard is capable of murder at this point and Otto came to her rescue.

    Ha ha, we all are worried about how far that wedding idea is going to go. I was my Packard with Justine! I have loved him from the first book. :)

    Great ideas! Thank you again for stopping by!

  34. I think Otto liked her at first as a one night stand or short fling kind of thing. But he can see her feelings for Packard and what's the one thing he could take from Packard that might get Packard angry? Justine. So I think it's a game to him.

  35. Didn't Packard say to Justine that the only reason she liked Otto was that they shared teh same neurosis? So maybe thats why Otto thinks he loves her so much.
    I want Justine to end up with Packard. Besides can you really take someone who wears a beret during sex seriously?

  36. tvted - I do think Packard mentioned something about that. That she feels comfortable with him as they share the same troubles. But also that he has an air about him that makes her feel better, at least until she felt she couldn't tell him stuff without upsetting him. I agree that part of Otto does love Justine. But that love is really just something huge in his life that he shares with Justine. And Justine helps walk him through it when he has his episodes.

    But, yeah! LOL! Wearing the beret during sex, LOL! True, I would never be able to handle that. :D Great!

    I'm a huge Packard fan as well! Go Pachard!


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