Sunday, May 9, 2010

Looking Forward to...

Marjorie M. Liu is doing a few bookcasts over at Orbit Books blog site.  If you would like to visit the first one, click here.

AND more wonderful news is Marjorie has posted an excerpt from the first chapter at her blog.  If you would like to jump over there and read it, here is the link.

This book is due out July 2010.

It appears we are going to learn more about Maxine, what she is ment for, and the boys as well.

Thank you for the excerpt Marjorie!   And looking forward to the book.


  1. Melissa it is a good thing too because I need my Zee fix! Maxine Kiss is one of the characters that I love to read every story that is written and never get old and they are my action junkie fix books!!!

    jackie b central texas

  2. Jackie - Maxine and the boys are one of my favorite characters too. I actually did a Favorite Fictional character post on them. :) I got a little fix by reading the anthology Inked, but I am really looking forward to this book. And I want to get the anthology Wild Thing too, it has Maxine in it as well. :) Hope you enjoy as well.

  3. I have all of them and most of the other books liu writes that are parnormal. This series just for some reason really is fun to read and love the entire cast of characters every book...


  4. Jackie - I do have to agree with you on this series. :) I am now wanting to get Tiger Eye after playing Liu's game. It is on the list. :)

  5. Marjorie M Liu has interesting writing style, intriguing characters, plenty of action and just enough mystery in her books to keep me hooked. I have enjoyed her work since first book I read...

    jackie b central texas


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