Monday, January 2, 2023

Book Review: Season of the Bitch

Season of the Bitch (Elis O'Connor)Season of the Bitch by Skyla Dawn Cameron
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh Elis. I love your calculated cold streak. lol. You do have a caring heart, but how you show it is not how others want to see it. In the world you've been raised in and with who your mother is, it all fits into your personality.

Elis takes it upon herself to deal with the guys at the school who will never see punishment for the torture they are putting other females and people through.

I love seeing Elis use her powers. And to se Dev, her brother as well as her father. Home life is a little different for her....wizard brother, one of few vampires left. And her mother's story... I miss her mom! But the hints here and the ending! Oh! So much to learn! If you've followed the Demons of Oblivion series, this is a great story to follow on with as it's in the future.

I have the next book here and looking forward to more!

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