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Audio Book Review: A Thousand Fiendish Angels

A Thousand Fiendish Angels

By:  J.F. Penn

Publish Date:  November 26, 2013, Audiobook Release February 8, 2019

Format:  Audiobook - 1 hrs 30 mins
Narrated By:  J.F. Penn

Genre:  Fantasy

Series:  Short stories inspired by Dante's Inferno

Impression:  Suspenseful short stories

Three short stories inspired by Dante’s Inferno, linked by a book of human skin passed down through generations. On the edge of horror, thriller and the occult.

Sins of the Flesh: When the tortured and mutilated corpse of a wealthy author is discovered, the police officer sent to investigate finds a curious diary amongst the occult objects at the scene. Will he uncover the author’s secret at the ruined chapel, and can he pay the price that it demands?

Sins of Treachery: On the death of their Grandfather, twin brothers Simon and Gestas are left a map covered in alchemical symbols that could lead them to great wealth and power. But they find more than they expected in the frozen wastes of the Arctic north …

Sins of Violence: In a brutal post-apocalyptic world, a young girl is about to be taken to The Minotaur for a Blessing that will end her innocence. Can her sister gain access to the fortified city of Dis in time to stop the ritual and avenge her own lost youth?

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My Thoughts and Summary:
*I was given this free review copy of this audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

I didn't know what to expect with J.F. Penn narrating her own stories. I was highly impressed from the beginning! Penn's accent adds to the character of the story. Her knowing the story's intimately and giving us the rise, fall, and pause in her voice that gives the story suspense and intrigue. We don't get as much in different voice tones for the characters, but that's okay for this set of short stories.

These stories fit J.F. Penn's style of writing with a touch of suspense and mystical. There is a religious element used to the stories. I really enjoy J.F. Penn's writing from word selection to pacing. J.F. Penn has great talent in selecting words to describe the feeling in that action. She holds my attention in each short story.

Each story is not long, but they feel complete in telling. Even if they have a time jump, I feel as though it's not an impact time we are missing. I get what I want from each scene written, and it continues along with completing the story we are getting.

After the stories, J.F. Penn explains where the stories came from. She tells of her research and connection in the stories to the story Dante's Inferno. Very neat and cool to hear.

Sins of the Flesh:
A police officer who's down and out on is called to a death scene. While investigating the mutilated corpses items, a diary is found and intrigues the officer to find a secret hidden. The officer could find more than expected.

Sins of Treachery:
With the death of their Grandfather, Simon and Gestas go on the adventure their grandfather wanted them to take for wealth and power. The map is from the leather book Grandfather held dear, and now Simon does too.

This is a continuation of the item found in Sins of the Flesh, but thirty years in the future. The item is strong in it's hold on people and impact on them.

Sins of Violence:
A young girl returns to the city of the Minotaur to stop the blessing of her sister. Can she get to her sister in time?

This story is said to be in the future from the last story, Sins of Treachery. The world is now in a post-apocalyptic setting. What has happened to the world is mentioned in the story, but it does not divert from the direction of the story. This information adds to the danger of the world on the outside of the city.

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