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Audio Book Review: Darkmage


By:  M.L. Spencer

Publish Date:  January 6, 2016, Audiobook Release September 18, 2018

Format:  Audiobook - 18 hrs 26 mins
Narrated By:  Simon Wright

Genre:  Fantasy

Series:  1st in The Rhenwars Saga series; Prequel ~ Darkstorm

Impression:  Things aren't easy, but they are how things are lived.

The hope of the world rests in the hands of a Darkmage.

The Well of Tears is open and the terror of the night has been unleashed. Now, the last Sentinel left alive with the power to defend his world against the minions of the Netherworld is a man destined to be corrupted into the image of what he hates. In the name of duty, Darien Lauchlin will see oaths forsaken, crowns toppled, friends sacrificed and the land he loves desecrated. For there is a very thin line between duty… and brutal inhumanity.

First Sentence:
Thunder ripped the sky, amplified to a throbbing din by the stone walls that rimmed the square beneath the Hall of the Watchers.

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My Thoughts and Summary:
*I was given this free review copy of this audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

I'm taken with Simon's narration. His accent and feeling in his voice fits the characters and world created here. He's a perfect match for the story. The narration is clean and clear throughout the book. Simon feels as though he's the story, which lets me focus on what's happening with ease. A wonderful match in voice for the story.

M.L. Spencer catches my attention with the story she's crafted, and her word choices. Wow. She's accomplished a huge thing in fantasy reads with her descriptions that give more than simply showing the scene. She draws me in with the words as it creates a vision in my mind that projects a feeling as well. Wonderful!

After listening to the story for a while, I got the feel for the growth of the characters Kyel and Traver. They find themselves on the front, in the midst of battle against a dark enemy. Their fall and evolution reminds me of a few of Raymond Feist's characters. The way they find their way at the front feels quick but I like where we go with these characters. They feel to have a strong future in the books.

I'm drawn into the lives of Kyel, Traver, Darien, and others as they battle to survive. We do get the story told from different POV's as the characters cross paths and carry on in different directions. This is great as it keeps us up to date with what each character is experiencing, seeing, and learning. These three are our main three but there are a few others who's eyes we see through.

We have a few battles to fight here. There are internal battles for all the characters, whether it be loss of loved ones or freedom, but we also have two battle fronts that collide. There's the war at the front that's trying to keep the enemy from taking all the land. Then there's a new battle we see come to life at the center of the mage system. When the Well of Tears is opened this creates a new, strong foe for all to battle.

I did listen to the prequel before listening to this book, but you don't have to in order to understand the story. The prequel gave a background, which you can read or listen to at any time.

I am totally looking forward to continuing with the series!

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