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Audio Book Review: Flotsam Prison Blues

Flotsam Prison Blues

By:  M.K. Gibson

Publish Date:  October 8, 2016, Audiobook Release May 16, 2018

Format:  Audiobook - 10 hrs 3 mins
Narrated By:  Jeffrey Kafer

Genre:  Fantasy

Series:  2 in The Technomancer Novel series; 1st Book ~ To Beat the Devil

Impression:  Humor, action, and memory lane with morals remembered.

A couple of months have passed since the cyborg smuggler known as Salem led a small team in the violent coup that brought down Abraxas, demon Archduke of New Golgotha’s central kingdom of Ars Goetia. From the destruction, Salem became a hero, whether he wanted to be one or not, and was appointed the first human baron in the demon-run supercity.

But Hell does not like being made to look foolish--or weak. And Salem’s actions, while noble, have consequences. A victory for man means a defeat for Hell. A single question will be asked of Salem: How far can a hero fall? The powers of Hell are willing to find out.

Flotsam Prison Blues is the gritty, exciting sequel to To Beat The Devil. Following an assassination attempt by a rocket-launching madman, Salem must untangle a web of lies, theft, and conspiracies, lest his new world, and his citizens, burn. Follow Salem’s adventures as he is forced to relive the parts of his past he wanted to stay buried while once more pitting himself against the might of Hell. Salem will need all his strength and skill as he suffers the Hell-on-Earth horrors of Flotsam Prison.

First Sentence:
The proprietor of the bar and brothel known as Dante's was an entity known as Ricky.

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My Thoughts and Summary:
*I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

Jeffrey sounds like he slips into character and enjoys doing so as he voices this book. He's awesome at the dry humor that goes with Salem. A Chewbacca impersonation! Yes, Jeffrey had to do one and it was at the perfect place in the story with Salem and Grimm. It made me chuckle with the placement and hearing it. Jeffrey has voiced Salem and all his friends (and enemies) in the first book, so it's a great pleasure to have him back to carry on with their adventures. It feels Jeffrey breathes life into all for us to enjoy.

I totally have fun with these stories. Between the references and one liners used with the surprise events that happen, I just smile the whole way through the book. The characters interactions make me shake my head and chuckle. Oh dear! There are movies referenced in this book that I looooong forgot about. And it was a treat to remember them!

I wondered where this book could go after the ending of the first. There were a few threads that where left open in the first book that could easily be picked up on. Salem has created a new setting on his land for those that were displaced from the town of Midheim after the big battle there. This brings new troubles and frustrations to Salem's doorstep. And Jensen, there's something there...maybe? This all leads into the adventure Salem goes on, and drudges up past memories from other lives as he goes.

We get to see life in one of Salem's previous lives. You do remember that since he's long lived he switches identities through life so people don't know who he is. Salem's past surfaces when one of his hidden vaults is robbed. But, along with facing his past, he has to face a few things he has happening now and consequences.

Just as you think there couldn't be anything more intense to happen to Salem, something does. Don't ask the one question that the universe always seems to answer... What's next? There will always be something next. lol. And Salem sees it.

Salem and Father Grimm together. LOL! They are a team and they toss jokes off each other that the other one plays into and gets. They keep me smiling. Salem even finds a sidekick in prison! Yep, and it's a cool friendship too. I think it's Salem and his jokes that keep it going, how he plays off others and their different personalities.

What I love is the lessons learned and important points made that people need to remember through life. These are mixed in with crazy and funny moments, but in the end there is a huge point that hits home with the characters and with the readers. The way it's done, it feels as though a comic book fashion is used but in words. I love it!

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