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Book Review: Tales of the Blood Kissed

Tales of the Blood Kissed

By:  Seleste DeLaney

Publish Date:  December 7, 2015

Format:  eBook

Genre:  Urban Fantasy Romance

Series:  .05 in Blood Kissed series; Book 1 ~ Kiss of Death, Book 2 ~ Kiss of Life

First Impression:  Sexy, fun, and sparks curiosity about the series.

Every story has a beginning, and the legend of the Blood Kissed began long before Jocelyn was born. Discover how Jocelyn first became involved in the vampire world, how Max and Chad wound up as her dichotomous duo of protectors, and Remy's views on far too many things. You'll even get his version of how vampires came into being and why there is always a seat on the council for one known only as Remus.

Start this saga from the beginning, and remember, those who don't learn from the past are destined to repeat it.

Includes "Of Course I Try" and "The Ghost of Vampire Present", formerly available as separate ebooks.

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My Thoughts and Summary:
*I read this book for my own enjoyment.

Fun, sexy stories with characters I have enjoyed. We learn a history of Jocelyn, Max, Chad, and a touch more of Remy and his personality. The stories all made me smile, for different reasons - love, magic, humor, personal touches of the characters, and more.

There is a suggested order of reading the novellas in this book and the novels so you can get a feel for the characters as you go through the novellas, but you don't have to read in that order.

These are smexy stories. So going in expect to read hot scenes. I have enjoyed the intimate scenes Seleste writes. They fit well with the characters, even in such short segments. There are a few small typos, but the fun I had with the characters covers those few.

Part One: The Story You Know...
Of Course I Try:
Oh I forgot how much I loooove Max. Chad is cute, but Max is my favorite.

This story is in flashes, as Jocelyn remembers things with Max. And leaves him. And returns to Max. In this short story we see how Jocelyn met Max and how she met Chad. If you've read the novels, you know both men are important to Jocelyn and in her life.

Max seems like a drug Jocelyn tries and tries to give up, but finds her way back to his loving, warm embrace. Yet there is always something missing... He's always gone when she wakes and she's weak from love making and always a vague memory loss. Deja vu, we've done it again. Jocelyn feels the need to leave as this is not her home even though told she is always welcome

Jocelyn never seems to get to say goodbye, but does get to do something else instead. Good girl.

The Cost of Love:
This short is from Max's view as Jocelyn arrives that one last day, needing to talk to him. Oh I do love him. But aside from the love I have for him, there is a hint of something else going on. We heard Max tell Jocelyn he was keeping her safe in the first story, now we see him think it. What is out there that Jocelyn needs to be kept safe from? And Why?

We know from reading Jocelyn's side of the story that Max has some sort of Magic. We learn of that here from Max's thoughts as well. Magic through words and touch, a push. He's afraid to push to far, for her to forget their time together yet a hint of some other worry with it as well. He wants her to remember, that he loves her.

We hear his thoughts at this very important moment with Jocelyn.

What Have I Done:
This one is extremely short, but we see Jocelyn work to get over what she's done.

The Ghost of Vampire Present:
This is a longer novella. One where we meet Jocelyn's grandmother. Oh, she's a special case of her own. lol.

The feel of the three ghosts in the way of the three vampires. The last vampire that could be considered the future vampire, could be one we'll see in the novels. ;) Oh this novella is a very interesting and sexy Vampire twist on A Christmas Carol.

Oh the hints in this novella! There is something special about Jocelyn. What? It has something to do with what these three vampires want from Jocelyn.  Max is remembered, and I'm curious how he manages to do this (as I really do think it's real). The current boyfriend, that cute guy named Chad from the dance in Of Course I Try...yeah it's him. Yum.

Jocelyn has been trying to be stronger since Max. She's started self-defense classes and fighting better along with becoming more physically fit than she ever has.

I have to say I love the description of the ghost.  Yes, it's someone she knew.
"She's the antithesis of the fairy godmother I'd always wished for.  All she needs now is a lit cigar between her fingers to totally bastardize that particular childhood fantasy."

In the morning Jocelyn gets ready for Christmas at her mothers and waits for her boyfriend. We see clues that last night might not have been a dream... but then things change and answers aren't connecting with what happened, so maybe it all was in her mind after being out with the girls drinking and all.

I'm left curious as to what was real and what was a dream. I think it's all real, but there is more than real and not here, there's secrets. This story can lead you in to read the first novel, Kiss of Death to learn more about the secrets you start to see here.

This is definitely a romance, with intimate moments.

Part Two: In The Very Beginning...
Birth of the Vampires
Remus, Remy, shares a story with us. Well, with children. It's not really a story for children, but it's not so terrible for them. It's a twisted tale of Romulus and Remus. And we are left with the impression that Remus is our Remy.

Of course we see Remy hitting on a lady. What a feel we get for Remy here.

Part Three: Becoming Heroes
Devil's Bargain:
This story is how and why Max is made into a vampire. Did Max really know what he was getting into? Not really. But it starts the relationship Max has with Remus.

Christmas in Chains:
Max has spent years as a slave and being tortured on Christmas as his makers hands. On Christmas his special gifts were of a cruel nature that were meant to teach a lesson. This Christmas, Max will get a Christmas miracle.

This story has a twist to Remus's cruel actions toward Max. They are meant to teach. One example we get is how people feel when they are feed from without glamour used.

This story brings someone into Max's life. Someone who could return at any point demanding a favor or any proportion. Something I'd be curious to see. And then there's the question of who sent this person.

Never Underestimate a Bored Vampire:
Remy is watching the riots in Detroit, bored. He's been waiting here watching the Cooper line for the Blood Kissed prophesied one, which he'd made sure Max had meet Analise without Max knowing.

Oh Remy. He knows more than we could have suspected! He knows of the Blood Kissed and Cooper blood line. Remy even has a way of influencing Max's actions, who thought he got away from Remy and who Remy had formed into a warrior.

We see Remy work a little magic as well. And how Remy has a hand in maneuvering things for what he wants, even if it is to keep him from being bored.

This story shows how Chad got dragged into the vampire world. Seeing Remy involved in Chad's I'm curious what Remy is up to. What's his ending game plan?

Part Four: Remy Says
Remy Says: Top Ten Ways to Annoy the Council of Elders
Remy does a blog post! This quick section highlights Remy and his fun games with the Council of Elders. Well, a quick list of ten ways he enjoys annoying the council. You get a feel for Remy's personality in each item.

Oh you would be so in trouble if you did these things, but Remy doing them... yea, they would be irritated and Remy would be smiling. lol.

Remy Says: Guide to Demons
Remy talks about Demons, whether they exist or not. We also get a small mention to werewolves and fae along with incubi. These are a few beings we'll see in the stories. But demons...

Remy Says: Killing Vampires for Fun and Profit
Remy tells of the vampires to go after and with what equipment would work best. But... it sounds like it's a rough battle no matter what. I better rally my friends and ready for the war.

Boy does Remy have a strong personality. He shines through in each post.

Remy Says: Must Love Pets
Remy on pets. This article strays from the pets we know to the pets he knows, and enjoys. Maybe his pet can take care of an animal pet...

Remy Says: Sex with Vampires
Just reading this title, I know Remy will love this post. And I'm curious what will be said by Remy...

And we get Remy's natural grace as he lets us know what to expect when having sex with a vampire (or more than one).

I can just hear Remy so calm and sexy talking to us about all these items.

***If you found my thoughts helpful, please click yes at Amazon. Thank you!


  1. Yay! I should try out more novellas

  2. Haven't read this series, but this sounds like a great introduction to the characters!


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