Tuesday, January 10, 2017

New Year Resolutions

Photo By: Melissa L. Hayden At: Spellbound in a Flash

Happy New Year! Hard to believe we are into 2017 already. It seems like yesterday we were just coming into 2000. Remember the scares of how computers and all were going to fail? Yea, look at us now. lol.

I don't do resolutions often. I struggle with them because life has been known to change drastically in one year. To many times life has taken a hard right, or left, without letting me know it's coming. But I'm going to try to make a few resolutions this year. Some things I would really like to do and accomplish.

1)  Exercise more. I was content with maintaining my weight last year, at least not gaining any more. Which I did. Now, this year, I'd like to lose some weight. Not much, but some. I'm still going to the gym two days a week to workout with weights. But I'd like to add some treadmill time at least three more days a week.

2)  Write/edit through the year. I know they say write daily, but I feel as I get stressed when I write daily. It's like my brain needs to digest and move on. So, I'm going to get back to what helped keep me moving best in the past, writing every other day. (This, of course, will then take a back seat when I have editing jobs, which will be done daily.) Learn more details on what I'll be working on in my Resolutions post at Challenged Writers blog.

I've been thinking. I don't know if there is someone out there in the same boat as me with writing that wouldn't mind connecting and helping each other stay on track. We can check in on each other, motivate, and chat a couple times a week via Twitter, Facebook, email, or some sort of social media.

3)  Blog and blog visit every other day. This goes hand in hand with my writing. On the off days of writing, I'll be blog visiting.

4)  Post pictures at Spellbound in a Flash weekly. You remember this site right? I started it to share my love for photography. I've been so crazy busy with life and holidays that I haven't posted. (I have several posts to do!) I want to do a post a week, or every other week, of images I've recently taken or use old images to share.

One thing that I've noticed, weekends are my off days. lol. My husband and son and I are all together at this time, and I take advantage of it. We spend time together, so these are the days that I will probably not do above items most of the time.

I know, these are all generic items. Nothing specific in the way of goals to accomplish. But, this is what I need to start with and work with through the year. If you are curious about my more detailed writing resolutions, check out my post at Challenged Writers blog.


  1. I need to lose weight but I just don't seem to find the motivation to get on with it. More effort must be made this year.

    1. Chuckles, I don't know if the weight lose with happen, but I can give it the good old try. It's so hard to get and keep motivated! Hope you have a great year!

  2. All of these sound like great goals <333

  3. No goals for me. But good ones for you :)

    1. Blodeuedd, I don't usually do goals, but thought I'd try this year. Who knows. May work out. May not. ;)

  4. Excellent goals. They are similar to mine


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