Friday, August 26, 2016

Book Review: Hidden Design

Hidden Design

By:  Tia Tormen & CK Stone

Publish Date:  September 1, 2016

Format:  eARC

Genre:  Urban Fantasy

Series:  Stand alone

First Impression:  Urban Fantasy with erotic moments.

An ancient Prophecy, foretold millennia ago . . .
Child of the Traitor
Conceived in Betrayal
Shall pierce the Veil
And destroy the Hidden

Mikki Daneen is living the life she's always dreamed but she hides an extraordinary gift--the ability to perceive her clients' most intimate desires. A secret liaison brings death and destruction to Mikki's life, but she's not the only one in danger. Mikki must uncover the secrets of a culture she never knew existed, and expose the true betrayer. Will her psychic visions be able to help her find the evil that is driven relentlessly to slaughter, before it's too late?

Hidden Design, The Prophecy, is a full-length contemporary fantasy/thriller novel that contains elements of romantica.

The story is set in New York City where Mackenzie Daneen is a successful interior designer, in part because she can psychically link into the most secret desires of her special clients and give them exactly what they want. Mikki is on top of her world until an old boyfriend/FBI agent asks her to glean details on a kidnapping suspect, Seth Harkinson, by using her psychic ability. When she learns more than she bargained for, her life starts falling apart. Through Seth, she uncovers the truth; she may be the child the prophecy speaks of. She runs for her life from a demon-possessed beast that is hell-bent on hunting down and killing the innocent children who possess magical gifts; children of whom the prophecy may speak.

While she and Seth fight for their lives, they discover they have a connection that runs deeper than either of them imagined.

First Sentence:
Mackenzie Daneen wheeled her red Mercedes Coupe into the parking entrance for the Federal Building.

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My Thoughts and Summary:
*I was offered a copy of this book from the author or publisher for review.

Mikki is asked to consult on an FBI case by her old friend, Paul. A girl has gone missing and the man he has in custody gives him bad vibes. Paul thinks Mikki's psychic ability might help give some small clue to evidence to Seth's involvement. But Mikki finds Seth is talented at controlling his emotions and thoughts, even as she works her hardest to get a vision from him. Mikki, an interior designer, faces her worst nightmare. Someone, or something, has destroyed a few rooms she's created for special clients. Thankfully no one's been hurt, yet.

First, and it's seen in the first chapter, this is definitely an adult content book. We get different sex scenes, f/m, f/f, f/f/m. This book is about sex magic. This in one magic I usually struggle with in books. Most of the time I find it off putting as the connection of sex and characters doesn't seem to connect for me, BUT here, the sex scenes (being rather descriptive) are part of the plot. Mikki has found that her psychic ability is amped up when involved in intimate moments with others. She uses this to her advantage, even when alone to try and divulge visions from clients. Her special creations are based on what she learns the client truly wants when she is intimate with them. Mikki uses this knowledge to learn about what's happening involving her and about her special ability, which marks her as an Adveni and more.

In the romantic side of the story, some moments are to fast for me like the lead up is missing. One example is Mikki meeting Jacques. He suddenly is all over her. There felt to be no lead up to it, just suddenly when at her car his hands are up her shirt. And Mikki is okay with men treating her as such, to get ideas for designing their places. I suspect he was told of Mikki's ways from another she did work for, but I don't know that for sure. As the book went, the moments had better flow into them.

The first chapter made me curious about Seth and the case of the missing teens. I wanted to know how it all fit together, and it seems Mikki is the link. I wasn't drawn into the characters lives and feel the total investment as I have in some books (though this might be the sexual pull of the characters which isn't usually my read), but I wanted to know what the story was, to solve the mystery, to learn about the magic.

Mikki is caught up in her life, living the high life of a well known interior designer. Mikki doesn't want to help Seth save the children, which she learns are more than what she thinks they are. But in the end Mikki starts to come around, realizing what she's done and what she could do. I did like Paul, her FBI friend. He is working hard and trying to make a solid case for finding the girls. He is a good guy. Even Seth, who was Paul's guilty party, is one I liked. Seth has a reason for what he does and, even though it's not always at the best from others eyes, it's for the good of the people involved. Seth has a good heart and I liked that.

This book is not my normal read, but I wanted to keep going for the mystery and to see the Adveni more. After the mystery was solved and the big climatic ending we see Mikki come to a new place in her life. This felt a bit too big for me. It felt like it was overboard and didn't connect with anything. I get the feeling this is to take the characters to a new level and a new direction. Something for them to research and learn more about, as the prophecy could very well be true and starting with Mikki.


Blodeuedd said...

Might be too much sex for me

LilyElement said...

Sex magic? Can't say I've read a book with that in it before lol!

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Yea, I think I would have problems with the "romantic" parts as well. I don't think this one is for me. Brilly review!

Carole Rae said...

Interior design? Interesting route to take! And like magic is new on me too!

Anonymous said...

There's quite a lot of sex magic sloshing around - the coolest, quirkiest take on it that I've come across - with absolutely NO graphic scenes in it - it Tanya Huff's The Enchantment Emporium. It has a very different spin, is brilliantly written and fabulous plots. And the major players? The very scary aunts who run the Gale family AND the sex! It's great:))

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Blodeuedd, yeah. It was a lot...

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Oh really, LilyElement? I thought people had read some sex magic. It seems the emotions are high and makes the character more sensitive. Interesting. lol.

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Melissa (B&T) I can understand. Thanks. :)

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Carole Rae, yeah. She sleeps with the special clients to get a vision of what they want in their room designs. The sex makes her more sensitive to her powers and she sees what they want.

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Oh sjhigbee, so glad to hear you've heard of sex magic. And Tanya Huff's work sounds like something I could get into, if it's not graphic. Neat! Thanks!