Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tales from the Archives Vol 3 #7

Tales from the Archives, Vol. 3: #7

By:  Bill Blume

Written & Narrated by:  Sheri Blume & Bill Blume

Format:  Podcast, 40:43 minutes

Genre:  Fantasy, Steampunk

Series:  7th in Tales of the Archives Vol. 3 podcasts, part of A Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences series

Recommendation:  Nice way to meet new characters and authors in this steampunk-ish world particularly if you enjoyed the book; A Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences Novel, Phoenix Rising.  The archives are full of stories to be told.

Bitter Pill

Miss Sharpe is not used to working for the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences. She is used to being a killer for hire, the Jade Dagger, an artisan of death. Yet when called on to find an immortal in the city of her birth, she finds herself unprepared for what she discovers, as she is plunged into her own terrifying past and future.

My Thoughts and Summary:
April 1895 Hong Kong

Miss Sharpe is called upon by the Ministry to help in the city of her childhood to help Agent Fredrick with a case centered around immortality.

The beginning is interesting. Mention of a dagger, painting, and blood as the paint it seems. I really like the poetry of this beginning.

Miss Sharpe is an interesting character. She kills people for a living. People who become... inconvienient. Her thinking and personality fit the character to a T. Her history is rather unique in the way her father raised her. We get to see moments of her past as well. In the beginning she is a straight arrow of thought. In the end she is a bit scattered in her memories and thinking, but there is a reason for it. And you will understand, from the story, what it is.

The venture into the mountain that houses the fruits of immortality is neat. I felt like there was a cross of Alice following the white rabbit and an Indiana Jones moment in the mountain.

Immortality and time cross...

This author has a different feel to his writing, and I like the different approach.

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You can find the Archives: Amazon Kindle ~ Tales from the Archives Scroll through the list for them all, and the ones you still need.

There are short stories always added to the listing. So keep checking back!

I listened to this short story for my own enjoyment.


  1. That reminds me of that pod I have not listened to in ages

  2. I've been listening to the first group of podcasts. I've really been enjoying all these short stories! Thanks for bringing it to my attention Mel!

    1. Oh Melissa (B&T)! Wonderful! SO glad you got to start listening to them. :) They are so much fun and I've found so many amazing authors this way too. You are so welcome!

  3. Miss Sharpe does sound like a rather interesting character.

    1. LilyElement, she is, and more so after the end of the story too. ;) Thank you for visiting!

  4. I love how you describe Miss Sharpe's choice of employment, or rather whom she does it to. "People who become... inconvienient. " ^-^

  5. Sometimes it's nice to have a different feel as soon as it's a good one.

    1. Melliane, it is. I liked the feel with this one, it's something different from what I normally get. :) Thank you!


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