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Audio Book Review: Throne of the Ancients by Carrie Summers

Throne of the Ancients (Stonehaven League, #6)Throne of the Ancients by Carrie Summers
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Devon continues on with Stonehaven...knowing Demons are camped and barely held off by Owen's magic.

Devon is a gamer and her job is playing in the gaming world. The NPC's and the world have come alive for me as much as they have for Devon. They do seem like real friends at times. And Devon is determined to take care of them all.

Devon has to find a way to keep the players and NPC's safe when the pattern changes and the demons attack. What Devon doesn't know is there's another enemy on it's way as well.

Devon is forced to take the town people and players into Ishildar for protection. And she needs to figure out how to activate the protections of the ancient city. The game has seen it fit that Devon should marry... A potential prince arrives... Fabio. lol. So funny. How will Devon react to that?

A few other things come to light for Devon. Her friend Haley has a...situation and some struggles that she wants to talk to Devon about. We know what it is from the last book. Emerson is hot on Haley's trail knowing something isn't right. What will happen when people find out?

I love this series. There's no denying that there's a real world and a gamer world. Devon has her first dates in the real world and things are awkward. It makes me smile hearing how the dates go. lol.

Even though the gaming world is definitely a game, it's fun and the consequences feel real for them other than the players respawn at their star born point. Devon really does care for her town and she has to make tough decisions for it. There are others that are starting to get the feel that the NPC's are more in this game than they usually are in other games.

There's a big event at the end of this book and it leaves me curious as to how it'll be fixed. I'm looking forward to listening to more of this series.

The narrators are great. Annie does most of the voices as the main narrator. Jeff joins as the voice of the male characters. They do give all the characters their own voices. Always great listening to them.

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