Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Audio Book Review: Space Casey

Space Casey

By:  Christiana Ellis

Narrated By:  Christiana Ellis with host of others

Publish Date:  2008

Format:  Podiobook

Genre:  Science Fiction

Series:  1st book in Space Casey series

First Impression:  Fun, deadpan humor space visit.

Some heroines will steal your heart. This one will steal your wallet. In the future, mankind has expanded to fill the solar system, but when a snarky con-woman steals the wrong spaceship, she finds herself stranded in a distant galaxy. She is humanity's first emissary to a galactic civilization, and all she wants to do is go home. Preferably, without being arrested.

First Sentence:
Outer space. That infinity of stars.

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*I listened to this story for my own enjoyment.

My Thoughts and Summary:
Casey will be the first representative of the human race into the deep space of the vast universe! (even if unknowing.) A con artist looking to get off her station, and steals a ship with no idea of what she's getting or getting into.

I listened to this story and enjoyed the different voice actors and sound affects. Very enjoyable and well put together. The episodes are shorter, about 15 minutes or so, that makes it easy to listen to them. And it's only 10 episodes long as well, so you get through it all quickly.

The first episode caught my attention as we jump right in with Casey and her job and personality. The ship adds to the character of the world. And by the end of the short episode Casey is already in a tight spot.

This is set in space on a ship (mostly), and it's a soft space story. This is not about technology and technical things. It's of Casey and her ways of dealing with the out-of-mind crazy events of space. And her personal ways are fun for us. A fun space opera to enjoy.

The characters... Casey is a loner. A con artist who starts to connect with the ship and it's pet. She grows a bit through the hurdles of the unknown that come her way. Al, the spaceship, is quite an emotional ship. He made me chuckle in his left field ways of thinking. The voice of the ship, Al, was perfect. I loved his infliction in his words.

The Universe grows as Casey experiences many crazy things it can throw at her. And all she wants is to get home... But to what extent will she go to get there? She will ponder those things, and learn about a few species as well.

This was just the light, fun read I was needing right now.

It was a fun listen for the events that happen to Casey and her deadpan humor that goes with it. I enjoyed her realistic view on the world and how it relates to what happens. Then in the end we get the connections. Very well done.

I'll be checking for the next season of Space Casey to continue on with her.


  1. Replies
    1. Blodeuedd, yeah, the cover is a bit fuzzy. But it kinda fits with the visual for Casey. But it's a fun listen. :)

  2. Oh it sounds like a fun one there!

  3. Sounds like a fun story! This might be the one to get me to try audio, so will see if my library has a copy. Thanks for a great review!

    1. Alexia, It was a fun listen. But I'm thinking the library may not have it. It's free to listen to though. Podiobooks is free and if you have an apple device you can download it there for free too. :) Hope you get to listen to it, and enjoy.


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