Monday, November 14, 2016

Gratitude Giveaway Hop

I'm not blogging much this month with NaNoWriMo going on. I just can't do two things at once. lol. But I wanted to join this giveaway hop to show my gratitude for all that take the time to stop by the blog. I appreciate all your support and comments. It's great to see such a great community from all over the world come together with a love for books.

Thank you.

I've also received codes for two audio books to giveaway. Sweet! What are they? Well, here they are:

With food on the mind, we can listen to a mystery where food is in the story.
A Fine Fix by Gale Deitch
A Trudie Fine Mystery, book 1
Things couldn’t be better for Trudie Fine and her partner, Zachary Cohen. It’s the first big job for their catering company, A Fine Fix, and everyone who’s anyone in the Washington, D.C. area will be at the Schwartzes’ backyard Mexican fiesta.
With the tables set, the food prepared to perfection, and the Mariachi band sizzling, Trudie is mellow as a Margarita smoothie…until a dead body is discovered floating in the pool.
When Zach is arrested as the prime murder suspect, Trudie sets out to clear him and find the real murderer. Life gets spicier than a jalapeƱo pepper when she realizes she’s the focus of three men’s affections, including the unnerving detective handling the case. 
Soon, however, Trudie is reaching for her favorite knife, but not to chop vegetables.
Recipes Included!

Or how about escaping into a new fantasy world with honor, love, and torment?
Black Rose by K.L. Bone
Black Rose, book 1
“May the Black Rose protect you in life and avenge you in death.” – Vow of the Black Rose

Six hundred years ago, the Muir Court was wiped from existence, destroyed by an elite group known as the Black Rose Guard. Their Captain, Mara, has a reputation of being a harsh woman who leads the guard with a fierce formality. During her long years, she has known pain, loss, heartache…and one great love.

Edward was the Captain of the Royal Guard of the Ciar Court. He loved her once. However, it was a love that faded the day he met young Liza, the Princess who stole the heart he had once sworn belonged to Mara alone. Liza was also the woman Mara was fated to protect. When the Queen learns of her daughter’s forbidden love for Edward, she devises a series of punishments, torturing Edward while her daughter is forced to watch. In a an act of desperation, Mara takes Liza’s place and looks on helplessly as Edward endures torments which break his body and Mara’s soul.

All of their pain is put aside when Liza is murdered by the rulers of a rival court. Haunted by her failure to protect the Princess and adhering to tradition, Mara takes the vow of the ‘Black Rose.’ It is an ancient oath which compels those under its power to abandon the lives they knew for the sake of a single goal: vengeance. Her quest leads her on a dark path of violence, rage, and bloodshed.

Tormented by a fate they can neither accept nor escape, Black Rose is a tale of retribution, love, and above all, honor—at any cost.

For these two books to be gifted to you through USA Audible site.
Make sure you are able to receive these before entering.

If you'd like, continue through the giveaway hop to many other great prizes!


  1. I hope you and the family have a wonderful Thanksgiving and can't wait to hear updates on NaNo!

  2. I am grateful to have my good health again. Have had a very unhealthy year.

  3. My family friends and books! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Books and choclate and Luci, oh and family

  5. That I'm not bald from a few chaotic months of homeschooling two children. Oh, and tea. Since I can't drink coffee anymore. ;) On a more serious note, though, my family. Always.

  6. I'm grateful for porcelain plates. They're sturdy and attractive.

  7. Have fun with the writing! Also thanks for being a good blog buddy! :)

  8. I'm grateful for the continued good health of my loved ones!

  9. I'm thankful for the health and happiness of my family and friends.

  10. I am grateful for a loving family and friends

  11. Thank you so much for the giveaway. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving with your family.

  12. There is so much I am thankful for connections with people who just inspire me to be a better person my munchkins with out them life wouldnt be as exciting my mom who is my best friend even if we fight sometimes My two amazing brothers on earth with out them i truly would be lost my brother and sister in heaven I know you ar e looking down and guiding me with your love and that helps me be at peace My sisters i found of love if not blood these Ladies truly are amazing women who i love dearly. All the amazing Authors who write and keep me supplied in adventures and escapes when life gets too hard and i want to just check out and this way i can with books ty for the chance and for just reading my thankfulness

    Beverly Gordon

  13. I am thankful for my husband. My children. My life with great vision and the mind for reading comprehension. Also for authors and good books.

  14. I am thankful for being a part of a loving and supportive family.

  15. I'm thankful for healthy family & friends. Thanks for the chance.

  16. I'm grateful for a loving and supportive family.

  17. I am grateful for my kids and my health.


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