Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Post #44

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Where did the weekend go? I was so excited for it to come and it's almost over. I know what happened. My husband's project. Yesterday was spent painting the bathroom. He took it apart and was ready to start when the kiddo's friend wasn't able to go throw football with him. So husband took him and I took over the painting. *grumble, grumble* I had lots of things of my own to get done. And now the week will be starting and I'm behind the eight ball already.

I can't believe we are on the last week of February either! Okay, I seem a bit grumpy. Sorry. I'll work on that.

I'm hoping for a productive week. Lots to get accomplished around here. And I want to go get a new laptop today too. So, if they have what I want, it might start off good. ;)

What's Happening in Books:

Current Read:
What Kings Ate and Wizards Drank by Krista D. Ball

Flash in the Can by Danielle Ackley-McPhail (audio book)

AND have been reading as chapters come up:
Soulless by Skyla Dawn Cameron (2 chapters a week for free on her site!)

Current Podcast Book Listen:
Morevi by Tee Morris & Lisa Lee

Finished Last Weeks:
Evolution: ANGEL by S.A. Huchton

Finished Podcast Book Listen:
The Secret World Chronicle: World Well Lost by Mercees Lackey,Steve Libby, Cody Martin, & Dennis Lee
Tales from the Archives Vol 2: A Hanukkah Special


Last Week on the Blog:

Cover Reveals: (click titles to go to post & learn more)

At Challenged Writers I shared my writing update for January. And...there might be a little secret about how I'm spending my time there.


Weekly Posts:

***NEW*** Mythical Monday - Alma Alexander with the Coyote

Throwback Thursday


This Week to Come on the Blog:

Mythical Monday This week will be the Coyote! (Mon)

Book Review All of Us Were Sophie by Resa Nelson (Wed)
Interview with Resa Nelson (Wed)
Book Review God Save the Queen by Kate Locke (Thurs)


Received Last Weeks:

The Lascar's Dagger by Glenda Larke
Goodreads Synopsis:
Faith will not save him.

Saker appears to be a simple priest, but in truth he's a spy for the head of his faith. Wounded in the line of duty by a Lascar sailor's blade, the weapon seems to follow him home. Unable to discard it, nor the sense of responsibility it brings, Saker can only follow its lead.

The dagger puts Saker on a journey to distant shores, on a path that will reveal terrible secrets about the empire, about the people he serves, and destroy the life he knows. The Lascar's dagger demands a price, and that price will be paid in blood.

I purchased this as I have plans for the future. Maybe it will give you a clue as to the plans. ;)

I won a signed book plate to go in my copy of Dirty Magic by Jaye Wells. :D

Free Ebooks:
The Girl Who Wasn't by Heather Hildenbrand
(This is the adult book of Imitation)
Goodreads Synopsis:
The Girl Who Wasn’t : a New Adult novel
a SEXY retelling of Imitation

Everyone is exactly like me.
There is no one like me.
The rough fabric of my cotton nightgown chafes so I lie very still. They say my discomfort comes from being built like one accustomed to niceties. How is that fair when I myself have never experienced anything but copies of the real thing?
My entire life is an imitation.
I am an Imitation.
I’ve been here five years. Training. Preparing. Waiting.
And now I have a letter.
My assignment has begun.
I am a prisoner.
I am not Raven Rogen.
I am here to die.

**Adult content. Not suitable for young readers**

Hybrid by Brian O'Grady
Goodreads Synopsis:
A virus engineered for genocide has been released in Colorado Springs, leading to mass, and seemingly unexplained violence. Some of the survivors of the infection begin to evolve into something that is both less than and more than human. The race is on to prevent world-wide release of the virus.

Free Audio Books/Stories:


Reviews to Come:

Quarter Share by Nathan Lowell - a podcast reading of the book
Half Share by Nathan Lowell - a podcast reading of the book
Full Share by Nathan Lowell - a podcast reading of the book
Double Share by Nathan Lowell - a podcast reading of the book
Captain's Share by Nathan Lowell - a podcast reading of the book
Owners Share by Nathan Lowell - a podcast reading of the book
Ravenwood by Nathan Lowell - a podcast reading of the book
Working for the Devil by Lilith Saintcrow
Shadow Sight by E.J. Stevens (in audiobook while at work)
Marco and The Red Granny by Mur Lafferty (in audiobook while at work)
Seducing Her Rival by Seleste deLaney
Heaven by Mur Lafferty (in audiobook while at work)
Hell by Mur Lafferty (in audiobook while at work)
Earth by Mur Lafferty (in audiobook while at work)
Wasteland by Mur Lafferty (in audiobook while at work)
War by Mur Lafferty (in audiobook while at work)
Earth Girls Are Difficult by Frances Pauli (in audiobook while at work)
Tales of the Children by P.G. Holyfield (in audiobook while at work) An Anthology collection in the setting of Land of Caern.
The Secret World Chronicle: Invasion by Mercedes Lackey & Steve Libbey (in audiobook while at work)
All of Us Were Sophie by Resa Nelson
Hope's End by Brian McClellan
The Secret World Chronicle: The Hunt by Mercedes Lackey & Steve Libbey (in audiobook while at work)
The Girl of Hrusch Avenue by Brian McClellan
Rusted Veins by Jaye Wells
God Save the Queen by Kate Locke
Haunted by Amanda Bonilla
Grimm Consequences by Kate SeRine
Evolution: ANGEL by S.A. Huchton
The Secret World Chronicle: World Well Lost by Mercees Lackey,Steve Libby, Cody Martin, & Dennis Lee

Tales from the Archives Vol 2: A Hanukkah Special


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Lisa Mandina, I was curious by it's description too. :) Thank you for stopping.

  2. OOh nice haul!! And awesome bookplate!! The next best thing to winning a signed book is the bookplate! And what a cool bookplate too! How it matches the cover somewhatly but not a total reproduction!

    Hope you enjoy your reads and congrats on the wins!

    Here's my STS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

    1. Thank you Jessica @ a GREAT Read. I liked that the bookplate matched the cover so splendidly. :) Thank you!

  3. I read Hybrid, didn't love it;maybe it'll work for you.

    I hope you won't be switching to vlogs for reviews and Sunday Posts but regardless, enjoy your new toy.

    That's a bummer about being behind already for the week but at least the bathroom is painted. :)

    1. Bummer to hear Hybrid didn't work for you Bea.

      Oh, no. I'm not switching to vlogs. Though, maybe one or two. I'm thinking more of picking up discussions and posting those here. Maybe reading a few flashes I have too? We'll see. ;) Thank you!

  4. I am curious about Hybrid. Hope you have an amazing week!

    1. Kimba, did you pick Hybrid up for the Freebie Friday at B&N? That's where I got it. :) Thank you!

  5. Good luck laptop shopping. And yes weekends go by too fast even when they go according to plan... which it seems like they seldom do LOL. Have a great week!

    1. Thank you Greg. I have a friend that does lots of computer stuff. He helped me pick one out. Now I'm waiting for it to show up. :) Hope you have a great week.

  6. lucky you! I loved Dirty Magic. Happy reading lady!

    1. Oh thank you Melliane. :) And I'm looking forward to reading Dirty Magic...if I get caught up around here. ;)

  7. I really like the look of The Girl Who Wasn't and saw it on another blog. One to keep in mind. Quite a lot of reviews planned for you. Enjoy your week and Happy Reading.
    My Sunday post is here

    1. Peggy Farooqi, I thought it sounded interesting too. Couldn't pass it up. :) Hope you get to pick it up one day. Thank you for visiting and have a great week.

  8. Hell, you've been a very busy bee, Melissa! :) Hope you enjoy your new reads!

  9. Thanks Kara-karina. I'm behind in commenting too. *sigh*


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