Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday's Beginnings (168)

And it's Monday...I wish the weekends were as long as the week is. *sigh*  They go far to fast for me.

I'll start with a NaNoWriMo update, since this is what my life has really consisted of the last week.  I'm learning lots of things about how to get through the first draft, for myself.  It might work for others, but I'm learning what I need.  And first and foremost, sitting my backside in a chair and letting the fingers walk starts it all.

Where am I in the process?  Well, at the end of Day 4 (last Sunday) I was at 10,821 words.  That was killer for me with only 4 days in.  Last weekend was amazing for me to write.  Now another week has passed and I'm 26,610 words in, I really only need to be at 18,333.  So at this point I'm 4 days, almost 5 days, ahead of schedule.  Which works for me.  If I get done before Thanksgiving, Great!  If not, I have a cushion to cover the 2 days I figure I'll be off doing family stuff.

The story itself, seems to be coming to me so very different than last year.  Last year I was worried about keeping it interesting to me with action.  Always trying to kill the characters and get them out of scraps.  This year, it started with the more relaxed information fill I find in classic fantasy.  Now I'm getting to the scraps, but there seems to be not as many this year.  I might have to fix that in re-writes.  I do like my fights, that's for sure. ;P  I've come to a pivotal point in the story, and slowed in the word count again.  I've got to take my time to get to where I think it should go.  That's hard as I'm always second guessing myself to create something others wouldn't suspect, and coming from myself - I think everyone would see every avenue I pick.

I have to thank all that are still hanging with me in this month.  You are amazingly wonderful friends to keep coming by.  Thank you for all the support and visits.  I've also found some amazing new friends in this journey as well.  Always great to make new friends. :)

So, what is going on bookish style?

Current Read:
The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr and E.B. White --- yes, this is an English book and yes, I'm still reading it.  It's short, but I've been focusing on writing more than reading.  But I will say I'm missing a good story.  So I might have to pick up one to carry with me and keep my mind challenged. ;)

Finished Last Week:
Nothing, sorry.

Reviews to Come:
House of Grey Vol. 2 by Collin Earl
Endgame by Ann Aguirre
Curran POV Vol 1 by Gordon Andrews
Curran POV Vol 2 by Gordon Andrews
Gunmetal Magic by Ilona Andrews
Magic Gifts by Ilona Andrews
The Crown Tower by Michael J. Sullivan

Book Reviews Posted:
Nothing, sorry.  December I've got a list for you.

Podcast Reviews Posted:
I've not started a new one yet. Maybe in December, or January depending on how the holidays go.

Movie Review Posted:
No movie review, sorry, been running out of time.

Books and Covers Shared:
No new covers this week.

Special Posts:
Freebies and Deals, on Nook too (31)

I did not do a Flash Fiction Friday.  So Melissa (Books&Things) talked me into sharing a snippet of what I've written in this world.  It's sloppy as I'm rushing through the words.  I can do better than what's there, but it gives you an idea.  It's a short section of the Preface for you. :)

My WANT List...Well, with not being around much I only added 1 book.

Received Last Week:
I found this one for free on Amazon.  I'm not sure if it's good or not, but picked it up.
Hemlock and the Wizard Tower by B. Throwsnaill
Goodreads Synopsis:
How is power gained, retained and exercised; and what happens to a power structure when a young girl with magical abilities hacks and slashes her way into the very core of its apparatus?

In a magical city that travels through multiple dimensions, a young girl named Hemlock has risen from being a lowly cutpurse to discovering that she is a powerful fighter. Under the guidance of an aging freedom fighter named Safreon, Hemlock battles to keep the peace in her run down district, while across the City the upper class Elites enjoy peace, prosperity and freedom.

The Wizard Tower looms in the center of the City, casting a long shadow over its affairs. The Wizards rule behind the scenes, dictating and controlling the use of magic. Hemlock instinctively feels that the Wizards are her enemies, but Safreon will not discuss openly opposing them, as he seeks to methodically mentor Hemlock, and advance his own cryptic plans for the City.

Hemlock makes a decision to make a bold attack on the Wizard Tower alone, convinced that she can destroy or undo whatever method the Wizards are using to control and ration magic. As the novel opens, we join Hemlock just after she has infiltrated the Wizard Tower, learning what happens through a narrative interspersed with flashbacks to events leading up to the attack.

Being part of the Sidhe Elite, I've received a copy of this book/novella, as it's just released.  If you want to become part of the Sidhe Elite, you can join as well, just let me know and I'll pass on the info to you.
Compelled by S.A. Archer & S. Ravynheart
Goodreads Synopsis:
London’s made mistakes. A lot of them. Enough so that she’s been marked for elimination by a powerful Unseelie Sidhe. As a human cursed with an addiction to the Touch of the Sidhe, her life and her future depends on finding a Sidhe who will hire her on a permanent basis. The only way to put her reputation for causing trouble behind her is to prove herself by tracking down a powerful druid who’s endangering the Sidhe. But when old enemies resurface, can London trust the man she was sent to investigate? Or will this finally be her fatal mistake?

These were a gift from the author for enjoying her first book.  Which was wonderful as I was hoping to pick these up after the holidays when I might have some money.
Shaman, Friend, Enemy by M. Terry Green
Goodreads Synopsis:
Patients with fractured souls, clients threatened by deadly ancestor spirits, and now the paparazzi–it’s all in a day’s work for techno-shaman Olivia Lawson. Livvy has rocketed to the top of the shaman world, bringing old friends with her but also attracting new enemies.

Even as her career soars, her personal life spirals downward. Broken bonds and lost love finally force her to confront the terrible secret of her beginning in shamanism. Despite being attacked by dark shamans and navigating a spiritual plane that seems out of control, Livvy’s single-minded quest steers her into dangerous territory and puts her on a collision course with those dearest to her.

No longer interested in walking a fine line, Livvy discovers that–when the one thing you need is the one thing you can’t have–you’ll risk everything.

Shaman, Sister, Sorceress by M. Terry Green
Goodreads Synopsis:
If techno-shaman Olivia Lawson thinks a trip to the Hopi mesas is the escape she needs, she is gravely mistaken. Abducted from her tour, Livvy quickly discovers that all is not as it seems in the quiet villages. 

Formidable shamans draw her into a bitter and centuries-old conflict. While Livvy struggles to do what's right, she can't help but pursue an unexpected chance to be with the man she loves. 

But as prophecies turn deadly, even the gods of the multiverse play their part and Livvy must choose--between this world and a new one, between action and acceptance, between duty and desire. With all existence hanging in the balance, Livvy finds that, where choice begins, innocence ends.

I won this and a $50 Amazon card from the authors site.  Wee!  Thank you Douglas Brown!  And needless I say I spent the $50 already on more books to come. ;D
Tamed by Douglas R. Brown
Goodreads Synopsis:
Werewolves are real. And they make excellent pets.

Owning one of the legendary creatures is the latest fad. The WereHouse insists their werepets are loyal, docile, and 100% safe, but what happens when these gentle giants turn on their masters?

While on a routine EMS call, paramedic Christine Alt is attacked by a rogue werepet. She escapes with her life, but the encounter leaves her with more than just scars. As her body begins to change, she discovers the WereHouse is hiding a terrible secret, and they will stop at nothing to keep her from exposing them.

Tamed is a werewolf tale with a twist from the author of the The Light of Epertase trilogy.

And to go with the fantasy series I've already started of Douglas's I downloaded this short story as well, for FREE.
No Life Too Small by Douglas R. Brown
Before Rasi was a soldier in the Epertasian army, he was an honorable teenage on a mission to save the most precious treasure imaginable.

I think that's it for this week.  How did your week go?  How does the new week look for you?

Please share with me.  I'm missing you all, and hoping everyone is good.

Here's Wishing you all the best in words and pages.


  1. Glad to know you're doing so well on the NaNo front! It feels awesome to get ahead of goal like that, doesn't it? :)

    1. Hi Bibliotropic! Thank you, and yes. It's great to be ahead, but I know I'll fall to where I'm to be soon with the holiday this month. :) Thank you for stopping by!

  2. Wohoo too awesome :D Nano is going great

    1. Hey Blodeuedd, thank you. And sorry Nano didn't work so well for you. :) But you tried. :)

  3. Tamed sounds like my kind of book! :)

    I'm so glad you are talking about the process and sharing a snippet of the work. It's like going along beside you without me having to physically look over your shoulder... :D

    1. Oh melissa (B&T) I hope you get to check out Tamed and enjoy it. :) And thank you. So glad you enjoyed the snippet of the story. :) And just the thought of that whip keeps me going anyway. ;D LOL! Thank you!

  4. Sad to say, I'm REALLY behind on the ole NaNo, but...I am hosting my write-a-thon for the next two weeks so I'm hoping I can get caught up. I promised myself I would not put too much pressure on myself so even if I only get halfway done, I'll be fine with that. YOU are doing awesomely! Very proud. Have a great week, Mel. =O)

    1. Michelle @ The True Book Addict, so sorry to hear about Nano, but if you have anything out that makes the difference. And hope the write-a-thon you are doing will help with that. And thank you!! :D

  5. Nice haul and so glad you are ahead with the must feel magical when the words just flow :) Good luck!

    1. Thank you Kimba! I'm excited about these books. And thrilled to be ahead of the writing game, for now. ;) Thank you for the wishes!


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