Friday, November 9, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday (57)

This weeks Flash is a section from my NaNoWriMo project, Cursed, by the Rain.  I've given you more than the 350 words, more like 582.  Sorry.  But hope you enjoy.  This is the Preface, happening years before the story actually is placed.  There is more before, and much more after.... already I see changes that need to be done and this is a rather rough version as no edits have been done.  But, gives you an idea. :)

I will say I'm nervous about sharing this.  It feels different with this one as it does the normal flash fictions.

Thank you...

Cursed, by the Rain
By:  Melissa Hayden

Jayda slowly turned, elbow still resting on the wall where she cracked the wood.

His light voice came to her high pitched as if playing with her, “tsk, tsk. You of all should know better."  Now a little more serious,  "You have seen the things we can do.  Now, are you going to help like your maker would like?” On the last part he descended from the ceiling as graceful as an angel, or a god.

For a breath all is quite, Seol holding hers working through the pain, Jayda's opponent standing across the room smiling at her; he knew he had her. Then her heart stopped as she heard the drop. The drop that could mean her life, their lives. It had to be blood dripping from the bed, Jayda hoped. There it was again, speeding up. Hells burning, the roof she thought. It wasn’t holding. Jayda knew she had to act fast and hide before the rain broke through and touched her. He would find her now, after all she’d done to remain hidden for so long.

Jayda’s eyes widened. She had lived a mundane life for to long. She had started to think things with the gods where simple stories or tricks of her mind. But this was no trick. She knew the truth, just chose to block it out and become to comfortable. Stupid. She should have known she’d never have been able to stop them from coming here, and that could only end one way for the poor folks who had been kind to her. Frozen, stuck between worry for the people she’d come to love and knowing she’d left them get to deep under her skin.

Finally she found her voice and surprised at how nonchalant she sounded, “Utter. So, what do you have for the child?” but she had a grudging feeling she didn’t want to know, or would not like it. Gifts from gods were never good. She knew.

“Aethur!” growled his name correcting her. She snickered, she still could get under his skin, but she knew she'd better watch as he could hurt her.

Seol must have found her breath again as she cried harder, “No, Jayda. You can’t. Let. Him.”

Jayda didn’t even take her eyes from him to look to Seol, from knowledge she knew he could knock her away in a moments time, and she wanted to see it coming.

“Aah, is Jayda what you go by now? Well. To the child." Aethur indicated Seols swollen belly that's about to burst, "I need to give the gift all men want.”

“No, no. You aren’t allowed to do that! No mortal is to have that ability. It’s against all the laws you and we live by.”

“Yes, well. We don’t have laws when the leader is dead, now do we? He is to rise again. And I have to share his knowledge with a child on his birth. At the moment before he breaths his first mortal air and sets eyes on the mortal land. It must be done to save all.”

“Save all? All you care about…” Jayda didn’t finish as Seol gave one loud scream and crunched forward grabbing her knees. The baby was coming. Aethur turned to Seol, waiting to catch the baby when the roof ripped back from the walls, exposing her to the last thing she would remember until the Storm Lord was done with her, the full blast of rain stinging her face and arms.


  1. oh it's nice, thank you for sharing with us!

    1. Oh thank you Melliane. :) It's rough as I've not worked any details into it yet, but gives an idea. :)

  2. Wow! I don't think I want to tangle with those gods. Not nice at all.

    Thanks so much for sharing!!!!!!!!


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