Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Trying out the blog.

Okay, now I have to play around with this blogging thing to get the hang of it. I have lots of things to learn here and questions to figure out then solve. Like can anyone who looks around find you? Well, I will just keep playing with this till I get it right, along with looking around other blogs to see what the norm seems to be to do with the sites.

Trying to keep up with the movings of the internet world. Even if I am slightly behind in the happenings. Just starting to venture out into cyber space to conquer new worlds, okay at least learn and use the technologies that are at my fingertips. Well, I figure I might as well take advantage of all resources that are available to learn new things and talk with friends.

Always willing to give it a shoot and see what happens. I can use this a lot or end up not using it at all. I shall see what happens and is to come.


  1. Hey Melissa, hope you have fun with it. So far I am.

  2. You'll get the hand of it, it's almost like posting over on BandN, but you can say and do whatever ;-)! Have fun, and enjoy!

  3. LOL... Misspell- You'll get the HANG of it, whoops!

  4. LOL.. I figured hang was what you ment. Whopps, I almost did the same thing, hand instead of hang, oh well..

    Just in the little looking I have been doing, it just seems too easy. I keep thinking these things should be harder than what they are.

    I am going to have to check out the blogs that you follow. I did see you had a bunch there. I will have to take the time and read through the sites, and some I think I may add to my list like some of the authors blogs. By the way Thanks!

  5. Your welcome, Mel! By the way, just in case, some of the authors blogs I follow don't have there name as the blog title (like G.R.R. Martin's blogs name is "Not a Blog" go figure ...LOL!), so you just have to click on them to find out whos they are LOL!

    I follow quite a few blogs, because I really don't have a blog myself, but I just like reading everyone elses to find out all the lastest entertainment and musing LOL! I think you'll enjoy it, I know I do LOL! Have fun!

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