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Book Review: Liberate by Krista D. Ball

Liberate (Tranquility, #5)Liberate by Krista D. Ball
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Let's go save the rest of our favorite team!

Erem has been missing for a year now. Suspected that Jud has him locked away and doing who knows what to him in this time.

Jovan's found Erem. Bethany has received note that he knows where he is and she's determined to leave NOW to get bring him home. Arrago tries to talk Bethany into a plan, even with all the threats and attacks on Bethany, she needs to go in with a plan.

They come up with a few. First, to help with attacks against Bethany. And she agrees. (I love this one as I've been waiting for it for several books!) Second, how to get into Elven area, which have orders to take her if she ever returns, and find Erem and Jovan and get them home.

Bethany does great. She really does try to keep hidden and not start a fight. That's a HUGE feat for Bethany. But, we get what we want. Bethany loses it when she sees the state of Erem and Jovan. They are her people. And what Jud has done to them, especially Erem in the last year... It's too much. And Jud will have to pay.

All while Bethany and Arrago are working to retrieve their friends, those at the castle in Taftlin have their hands full with a battle to save their lives, and that of young Prince Henry. There are nobles in Taftlin that are not happy with Arrago, or his elven wife.

In the end, it's a question of if they will all get out now and what's to come to Taftlin.

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