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Audio Book Review: Sorrow's Song by Keri Arthur

Sorrow's Song (Lizzie Grace, #9)Sorrow's Song by Keri Arthur
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I can't finish these books fast enough! I want it all and to see how things go for Lizzie and her created family. I have a feeling for what's to come, and can't wait to see if it's true and how it unfolds.

I'm cheering Lizzie on. I'm over here with, "Go Girl," "You are amazing," "You show them!" Because Lizzie is doing ALL of this and so so much more. This girl has come into her power, magically, physically, and emotionally. She has become so much more and is finally seeing what she has become. No more that underpowered witch her parents would tell was worth no good. She's an amazing, caring person and she is so much more than her parents ever saw.

And, I also know.... Lizzie had to live this life to become this person.

This story had me wondering if her power really did draw that "siren" to the reservation. Lizzie is powered by the Wild Magic and not sure how to control it. She's so worried about using it wrong and staining the well spring. And it could be....

Lizzie's actions also brings others to realizations. Huge realizations on how they feel and act.

There's so much to this story. So powerful. The emotions are running high. The battles to be fought physically with what's here. And the bonds that have been created are tested.

Well written and performed in audio book.

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