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Audio Book Review: Killer's Kiss by Keri Arthur

Killer's Kiss (Lizzie Grace, #11)Killer's Kiss by Keri Arthur
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OMG. I devoured these books. I'm at a place that I'm good to wait for the 12th, and final Lizzie book. These books are great to read/listen to back to back. There are details that are shared again when we come to them, but nothing overly to feel like you're repeating the story.

Each book has a story and a baddie to fight. Each baddie is different than the previous ones so we see the team grow in strength, knowledge, magic, and work together better and better. Life moves forward and it does here too. Lizzie's life is the main arc to the series, and we see how she grows in her magic along with love. She's a stronger person and witch with all she's learned and experienced. She's becoming bolder in her actions and in talking to people. Dare I say, she's becoming an alpha of her own. And she's aware of her power now. She also knows she has limits.

I know the previous book was Lizzie dealing with family things back at her family home, and we didn't see Aiden there. But, I feel that was needed to get through some of Lizzie's trauma along with standing on her own. She learned valuable things there. And, should I say, Aiden learned a few things without Lizzie in town.

There is a big battle to come in the next book, and I'm good with waiting for it.

Again, the narrator is great at voicing the characters. I really enjoyed her accents and voices for them.

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