Monday, February 19, 2024

Audio Book Review: Broken Bonds by Keri Arthur

Broken Bonds (Lizzie Grace, #8)Broken Bonds by Keri Arthur
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Oh the realizations here. Lizzie has decided to face her fears, and she does.

Lizzie knows Mia is going to return. But when? And what does it mean for Lizzie's heart?
As Lizzie starts to think on this and as Mia does return, Lizzie sees what she needs to do even though it's not what she wants. We get insight into Mia as we meet her. Lizzie grows stronger to have that conversation that's been needed to happen, especially since it's obvious she loves Aiden. And it appears he may feel the same, but will he admit it?

The creature they hunt is one that's after those who cheat on their significate other. But I like the little twist with this one. And how it's dealt with. Interesting.

Lizzie is learning she's got more power and growing rather attached to the Well Springs. I'm curious to learn what's in the Earth magic book and if it'll help. And how far will the connection and magic go?

Katherine is once again amazing. Thank you for continuing to voice the emotions and characters for us.

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