Monday, May 8, 2023

Audio Book Review: One Piece at a Time by M.K. Gibson

One Piece at a TimeOne Piece at a Time by M.K. Gibson
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Through the adventures and dry humor of Salem (which I enjoy all of), M.K. Gibson shares nuggets of great thoughts. These nuggets relate to the events and experiences on a deeper level. The events spark Salem to reflect, and the results are amazing. They could be great discussion topics for groups. An example of these is maybe the world is constant and we are ever changing... I really enjoy these moments of insight from Salem.

I've enjoyed Jeffrey Kafer as the narrator for these books. He's been here since book one and continues strong with the characters. Salem suffers from PTSD in this book. Jeffrey does a great job of sounding like Salem, and sounding like he's covering the hurt he's feeling in some moments.

Salem has been through terrible things. We get to see those terrible events and why they happened as it all comes together in the end. These are traumatic moments and current Salem is working through PTSD. He's working through the trauma, the emotions of the events, along with emotions of current time. He still feels and sees and remembers all that happened. M.K. Gibson does a great job of setting the story to help Salem while he still feels from the events. It's NOT an easy fix and I appreciate that M.K. Gibson doesn't make it as such. So well written for this. We see life's pain, friends, and family along with how people are there for him.

We are left at the end with what feels like a closure for Salem. But, there's an epilogue that leaves us to feel as there will be more to happen in the future. Will that book come? I don't know. But I'm always up for listening to Salem's adventures.

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