Monday, February 27, 2023

Audio Book Review: Revenant by David Wood & Alan Baxter (Jake Crowley Adventure #3)

Revenant: A Jake Crowley Adventure (Jake Crowley Adventures Book 3)Revenant: A Jake Crowley Adventure by David Wood
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

There is something about these adventures that keep me gripped to them. The history used and viewed in a way that follows along with the story. The history that has a bit of mystery to it, expanded to fit the story. Here we are looking at a few but focus on Salem Massachusetts and the history of witches. And how it all comes to the current time with murders and more.

The history used is weaved into the story line and it feels so intense with David and Alan's writing style. I love how it's used to create and answer questions.

Then seeing Jake and Rose together as they solve the mystery, such a great duo! I love how they work together, even as they grow closer. Seeing how things are viewed by both Rose and Jake when they live through things is great. I can completely understand both of their views when they disagree.

Everything that they come across as they continue on their journey evolves and kept me drawn into the details, type of events happening, and action.

There are a few audio editing errors, just a few, in this book. But NOTHING that pulls from Jonathan's work or the story.

This adventure is addicting!

I'll be waiting for the next book(s).

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