Monday, January 4, 2021

Where have I been?

Wow. It's been since the beginning of June 2020 since I've done a post. I did not mean to be away this long. And, unfortunately, with the holidays it's been a little longer. I've not even gotten a chance to get use to this Blogger setup. lol.

So what have I been doing? Um... I don't know?

I got a second puppy during the layoff from work for COVID. She's wonderful! Zeba is a German Shepherd. I needed another German Shepherd in my life after losing Sheba in October 2019. Zeba has fit the hole I was feeling. Yes, her name is very close to Sheba's. I did not name her, the people I got her from already named her. When I heard it, I started to cry and knew she was coming home with me. I've been doing lots of training with her over the last few months. She's earned her Good Canine Citizen award and passed classes.

Zeba is great with Arrow. She's taught Arrow things and he's taught her many things. Mainly, Zeba has helped Arrow deal with his water issues (that was a whole process in getting him straightened out with medicine as he grows). We were busy with Arrow when he was neutered, twice. Yes, twice. He had a testicle that never dropped and was way up in a spot that our vet didn't feel comfortable cutting into. So, a second surgery was needed as it could turn into cancer in the future. Try keeping an overly hyper dog calm when he has stitches, for two weeks.... We had to put him on sedatives and that didn't help. Ugh! So we couldn't do anything for those weeks after both surgeries trying to keep him from busting a stitch.

Here they are infront of the fireplace. I love them so.

Arrow has so much energy it's insane! So I've started walking them early in the morning. Yes, early. Lol

I've been back to work at my day job, it's a small business and there's only 3 of us in the office, distanced for our safety. 

I've been busy starting businesses too!!

The first business, which I've mentioned here, is Spellbound in a Flash. I sell artwork and do photos of people and dogs and many other things as requested. The pandemic made it hard for so many, so it did set my new photography business back a little bit with art exhibits and clients, but I'm getting through. I've been taking photos and putting them up for sale on my Facebook page along with selling on Fine Art America where you can have them printed in many different fashions. Fine Art America is a great place for ordering artwork, masks, puzzles, blankets, throw pillows, and more with my art on them!

The second business...I've become a Sipologist! I'm a consultant for Sipology Tea. I've been drinking their loose leaf tea for a time now and I'm in love. I don't dive into direct sales, but I felt the draw to this one. With the pandemic, we are doing Facebook parties so if you are wanting to host a party, let me know! I'll gladly schedule a party with you. (Sipology Tea does deliver to USA and Canada, they are Canada based company.)

In between all this we've had some stumbles. I lost my father in October. Then my father-in-law in November. We've lost a dear friend and my husband lost an Uncle. One of my dearest friend from middle school found out she had breast cancer and had surgery and started chemo about the time COVID started. My mom found out she had Colon cancer during COVID lock down, having surgery and doing her first round of chemo. She had surgery to remove two sections of her liver where the cancer had been, and is currently recovering from that before starting her second round of chemo. We found out just a few weeks ago a dear friend, same age as me (no I'm not that old) had a stroke.

I know I'm not alone. There are many that have dealt with far harder hardships than I. My heart goes out to those people. Even though I'm listing those things that happened, It's all okay. We are moving forward still. We will get through and be stronger.

It's just been a haul this year. I was listening to audiobooks as that's all I had time for and could digest, but that's even stopped the last few months with the weight of all that's currently happening and getting through the holidays.

I'm here. I'm doing well. I'm not sick. And I'm moving forward as one needs to do. I am okay. Really.

So, I appreciate your patience with me here at My words and pages. It's been a hell of a year at sea and I'm looking to the future, hoping for calmer waters.

Here's to calmer waters for us all.

Here's to a better 2021 for everyone to heal.

If you would like to see my artwork, you can find it at a few places.

    There's a Facebook page: Spellbound in a Flash

    You can purchase at Fine Art America (what I post, and if you see something you'd like to purchase there and it's not up, let me know. I'll add it!)

    Website: Spellbound in a Flash

If you are up for purchasing loose leaf tea, you can find me at Sipology.

    Or you can join my Facebook VIP group: Melissa's Marvelous Mugs of Tea

Thank you for all your support! Happy New Year!


  1. Happy New Year! Prayers and positive vibes to your mom!

  2. (IHUGS)) and love ❤️ to you and your family. I know how tough, depressing, and stressful losing so many members of your family can be and I just want you to know I am thinking of you. Healing vibes for your mom too!


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