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Audio Book Review: Flux


By:  Jeremy Robinson

Publish Date:  May 14, 2019, Audiobook Release May 31, 2019

Format:  Audiobook - 10 hrs 55 mins
Narrated By:  Jeffrey Kafer

Genre:  Urban Fantasy

Series:  Stand alone

Impression:  An adventure through time with action and growth.

For Owen McCoy, a typical day on the job as head of security for Synergy, a research company conducting mysterious experiments, is boring at best. And that's the way he likes it. Patrolling the Appalachian mountainside, where his now deceased father taught him how to hunt, is relaxing and connects him to the past.

But today is not a typical day on the job. It begins with asking a thief to join him for breakfast. Seeking to set the young man on a better path, Owen invites him to walk the perimeter with him and consider a more honest living. Before their patrol can begin, they discover evidence that the facility has been breached. When Owen's truck explodes, he's confused, but ready for whatever might come his way.

At least, he thinks he is.

A wave of light-bending energy--the Flux--rolls down the mountainside, transporting Owen, and everyone in the nearby town of Black Creek, to October 14, 1985, the day before his father died. Two hours later, the second Flux hits, and then a third, and a fourth, each time collecting Black Creek residents from various times. They're carried through eras filled with wild animals, monsters of myth, and ancient beasts...and then beyond.

Joined by a ragtag group of temporal stowaways, including family members, Owen fights to restore order, stop the Flux, and return home, facing off against futuristic tech, primal killers, and the fear of losing his father...again.

First Sentence:
"Ain't gonna ask again." The gun in his hand - a rusted piece of junk from a time before his birth - is more likely to explode in his face than put a bullet through mine.

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My Thoughts and Summary:
*I was given this free review copy of this audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

By now I'm sure you know Jeffrey is one of my favorite narrators. Jeffrey doesn't let me down. Jeffrey narrates with perfection. He fits the voices of all the characters well as they live through their events. Jeffrey adds different tones, accents, and personality to each character as they speak.

Owen's day is far from routine. From speaking to, and helping, his would be robber to his day at the job. Nothing is close to normal. Working as head of security at Synergy, Owen doesn't know what the company is working on. Owen seems to take a long stroll through the past on this day.

It doesn't take Jeremy long before things go sideways in the normal day for his main character, Owen. I enjoyed meeting Levi and how Owen befriends him. I am thrilled Jeremy dives in and throws the world into chaos for Owen immediately. It made me curious and kept my attention on the story.

I love going on adventures in Jeremy's books. He always has an interesting spin in his stories. Every chapter drives the story forward and brings more action and details to play into the story to come. I enjoy the tidbits hinted at and seeing them come to fruit as the story goes.

Our main character, Owen, gets to see how he has changed over the years with what he's lived through. It opens Owen's eyes as to what he's missed out on too. As Owen travels and his group grows in number, he realizes much about himself and starts to open up to the idea of how he lives his life. Owen grows as a character through the book. Owen is also given new chances in this story that help with the growth he makes. Owen's a great character, he just starts out a little closed off due to the losses he's felt and lived through.

For the secondary characters, I was drawn to Levi right away. The young adult had some cool sayings and a bit nervous when we meet him, but he was quick to pick up on things too. I really liked the bond created with Levi and Owen. We come across other characters as well that are mysterious or important to Owen that made an impact on me as well; Minute Man, Cassie, little Owen, Dad, Inola, are a few that stick out for me mind.

In the end we come to a small tie that connects this book to another of Jeremy's, The Others. You do not have to read The Others in order to pick anything up, but it may spark you to want to get The Others as I'm now wanting to listen to it.

As always, Jeremy has lived up to my expectations and beyond. Well done.

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